Friday, November 5, 2010

Tips and Reminders - Plugs

Couple of quick plugs and things to look at, probably more useful for newer players but everyone should take a look:

Jersey General - The linked post makes a good case for Chaos Space Marines as a good starter army.  It's good to know that sometimes good things can still come from Jersey. ;-)

N++ - Good article about saving old paints.  Sometimes you don't use a paint for a while and it needs a little TLC.  Poke around, other good guides here too including good intros to some common hobby tools.

Elf'n'Happiness - Simple and effective idea for a home-built deffrolla.  Reminder that bits can come from many places, not just sprues.

Creative Twilight - A reminder not to be too timid during games.  Even as a new player don't be afraid to try things; it's the main way of finding out what works!

Table Top War - The linked article is about Space Wolves vs. Blood Angels, but even if you don't play or plan to play one of those, taking a similar look at your own army could be a good idea.  If you see another player doing well with X type of army, it can be tempting to try to recreate that with a different codex...but it's often not a good idea.

40K for the New Professional - Good article on some ways to keep yourself on track when tackling a large project like building and painting an army.


  1. Thanks for the plug! It is much appreciated.
    Keep up the Basic Posts, in particular I like the Objective one.

  2. Ooo...I got linked! Thank you, sir!


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