Friday, November 26, 2010

Passing Go collected 200 posts!  Some of the stuff lately has been recycled or invalidates old posts with outdated links, but I don't want to try to recalculate a "real" number.  Blogger says 200, so that's what I'm going with!

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it.  I continue to get much more out of this than I ever expected to.

In an effort to include some modicum of content, I'll share a minor vanity/convenience order I got in last week - nerd cards!

Being the internet, I've removed last name and phone numbers, just in case...

Including shipping, was under $10 for way more cards than I expect to ever use.  I always find it awkward meeting new gamers to get/give contact info that will be kept track of and to pimp my blog, and end up scribbling info on scraps of paper.  Now when I play someone new that I'd like to again, I can just pass them a nerd card. 
There's probably some technological way to do it like tapping datapads together or something, but I haven't even figured out how to text or put names by contact numbers in my phone yet so a paper-based solution was the way to go for me. 
Any non-direct gaming or hobby aids you've come up with to make your life easier?


  1. Nerd Cards ... great idea :D
    And way more personal then sharing your contact information via phone, datapad, whatever.

  2. Neat concept. I'd spend forever & a day designing mine, but neat idea.

  3. @t800a - Thanks. Yeah, I like the personal touch, even if it does seem a bit vain. I think it could be cool for a group to make group cards too to advertise their club, with info on where they meet, club website/forums, etc.

    @Loquacious - Thanks. Yeah, the designing took a little while. I was helped due to having a theme I wanted (Taurus/bull/zodiac) and only having a limited selection to choose from.

    @TKE - Maybe they'll spread. I look forward to having these next time I go to a tournament or other event.

  4. dude you have 100+ followers already, your pimpings going well enough!

  5. That's so funny, just a weeks or so ago I was talking with a buddy of mine about getting some gaming-specific business cards made for this very purpose. Awesome!

  6. I think thats a great idea - especially for when you meet like minded individuals on the tournament scene or new gaming group.

    Cheers for sharing.


  7. @Musings - The world is not enough!

    @Papa JJ - cool, look forward to seeing what you get.

    @Rogue Pom - Exactly. Glad you like the idea!

    I went through Vistaprint, by the way. Had some job hunting cards made there earlier. They run lots of specials including free offers (like 250 cards free, just like $6 shipping, though have their logo on the back). I got these through another offer, 500 for $8.77 including shipping with blank backs. Signup for their e-spam, and strike when the offer is right.


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