40K Podcasts

There are a ton of great 40K podcasts out there.  Below are links to those I try to catch when I can.  There are more out there, but these are ones I try to catch time permitting:

The Independent Characters - great show, very story and hobby oriented.  Their goal is to make listeners feel like part of their gaming group.  I don't know if I feel like part of the group, but I know I would want to be!

The Overlords - another fantastic show, again mostly story and hobby oriented.  Show revolves around a gaming club in London.  Plus jingles.

Preferred Enemies 

Adeptus Terra

The Battlehosts


Jaded Gamercast

Loaded Dice

The 2nd Wave

Rites of Battle

Masters of the Forge


Garagehammer/After Ullanor

The Heroic 28s

Imperial Vox Cast

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