Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dozer some good questions dere

So, I'm actually making progress on my Sons of Taurus and have put a little more paint on the Vindicator.  The question became, "what to put on the dozer blade?"

Leave it largely as is? (...probably not)
Weather it heavily?
Fill the main area in black + weather?
Add a big skull or something?
Paint a bull head symbol on it?
Hazard stripes (don't think they would look good)
Something else?
It would need to be fairly simple; I am not up for an intricate mural of demonic bulls trampling on people.  As cool as that would be.  Any suggestions?
I also have a lot of the basic colors down on the marines.  Weapons/pads/packs and washes/touchups/basing to go!

Monday, April 25, 2016

League game: Sons of Taurus vs. Dark Angels - Overwatch!

I played a league game with my Sons of Taurus Chaos Marines against Peter's Dark Angels, Relic/Vanguard Strike, 1500pts.  Peter brought Lion's Blade Task Force with full battle company for free pods and razorbacks and a Ravenwing Strike Force.  A bunch of 5-man tactical, assault and devastator squads, chaplain, company master, and for the Ravenwing a librarian on bike, an attack bike and a Dark Talon.  All the Rhinos pictured are Razorbacks with TL heavy bolters.  One of their command benefits is overwatch at full ballistic skill, which could be painful for an army largely built for assault. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Campaign Rough Draft: The Shards of Anaris

Here's the rough draft for our next campaign, "The Shards of Anaris".  Things may change for the final draft depending on feedback.  

Basic concept is to be able to be inclusive, with anyone playing anything and some being erratic attendees, while still being able to have an overall story.  

Feel free to use/modify for your own groups and purposes.  If you do, let me know how it goes!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

League Battle Report - Sons of Taurus vs. Imperial Fists, Angels of Death edition!

I picked up the Angels of Death supplement today, and Leonard and I used some parts of it for our battle with my Sons of Taurus Chaos Marines against his Imperial Fists.

Our league is at 1500pts now.  I added 20 marines tricked out with extra close combat weapons, two meltaguns, Mark of Hashut Enraged (aka Khorne), icon of wrath and powerfist champion, as well as a vindicator.

Leonard's Imperial Fists are largely built out of the Betrayal at Calth box, and he has been using the Contemptor dreadnought as an Ironclad.  We decided to use the handy rules for Contemptors (really GW?  No drop pod or heavy flamer options?) to swap the Ironclad for a Contemptor, and rolled up one of the Altar of War missions, Emperor's Fist.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wolves and Marines and Dark Eldar oh my

For my friend Nathan who recently passed away, I'm ebaying his miniatures to raise some money for his family.  Space Wolves, including some old figures like the Rogue Trader bikers above, other Space Marines, and lots of 3rd ed Dark Eldar.  If you might be interested, check them out HERE

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Non-league interlude - Sons of Taurus and Nurgle CSM vs. Dark Angels and Imperial Guard

Last weekend two players new to our store, Anne-Marie and James brought their Imperial forces in and we arranged a quick rumble with my own Sons of Taurus and returning player John's Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.  All their armies looked great, and I was especially impressed with the Dark Angels motor pool (not pictured, hopefully in the future).

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Commissar's in Town, uh oh

I had a nice email from reader Catachan Commissar with some pictures of his kitbashed guard and other things I had asked him about back in the comments on my kitbashing post a while back, and graciously agreed to let me post them so all of you can see them too.  You may be able to see more on Twitter under #warmongers.

Above are rough riders on bikes, an idea he was inspired to do by Mordian 7th.  Ramshackle Games bikes plus parts from Victoria Lamb.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Bell Tolls

Nathan would be the most likely person I've known to know the Old English version, btw
My dear friend and partner in crime, Nathan, passed away this weekend.  Forgive this catharsis.  I miss him most of course as a person, a wonderful human being and friend who was a devoted friend, son, brother, uncle, and godfather.  I miss his sense of humor, his snorting laugh as he tried to avoid laughing at something he found damned funny but was also WRONG.  I miss his random esoteric knowledge of things that may have been practical 150+ years ago.  I miss all the time we spent in his beat up pickup with one door that wouldn't open from the inside when I was too young to drive or didn't have a car of my own and he would pick me up for games, movies or other get-togethers.  We would talk and laugh about all sorts of things, make plans, bounce ideas off of each other or rehash our recent session on the way home.  It's on one of those rides that I had my longest running sneeze fest, something like 130 in a row.

He was a gamer, as my really close friends are.  I'm not close friends with everyone I've gamed with, but spending that time together and sharing common interests and a common language (being able to watch a movie and stat out characters from it on the ride back, for example) certainly helps friendships develop, as it would with any shared hobby you can do together.  The loss of him as a fellow gamer who I played with for close to 30 years adds to the loss.  Definitely a lesser part of the immensely larger loss of the person and friend, but real nonetheless.  I've been thinking of it like I might if I were friends with an author or musician whose work I also enjoyed.  I was a fan of Nathan's.

As a game master he had rich worlds with interesting NPCs and villains.  Our styles meshed well and I really enjoyed the interactions and immersion in his games, something I can't do nearly as well in the games I run myself.  We had something of a mind-link, enabling me to often see where things were going and lean into them for more impact, or enabling him to understand what I was building towards and helping to provide the payoff.  With his loss, I also feel the loss of many others - I will never see Dragonfist, Gator, Lady Liberty, Crystal/Shard, Shialla of the Hawklords, Serpentra or many others ever played again by their creator.  I will never again experience his version of Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms, or travel across the Empire of Turan with its glittering Emerald City or the city-states of Therosia.  If Los Banditos del Diablo ever take the field again, it will be in a strangely different Inner Sphere.  Not only has my own world been forever changed, but many others are sealed away forever.

The wardrobe doesn't work anymore.  But once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia.

Godspeed Nathan.  When my time comes, I expect you to come get me in that old pickup.

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