Monday, December 31, 2012

Various Things - Red Box Unboxing, Dungeon, League

A hodge-podge post today, to share a few things going on lately.

A while back I pledged to Tre Manor's Red Box Games Kickstarter, and the figures arrived Saturday.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with them.  The sculpting is pretty nice, but the casting itself looks like it could use some work, with a fair bit of flash to clean up, some very thin parts and some questionable choices on where to inject the resin.

The above are single figs, and for the most part came through very well.

Monday, December 24, 2012

WIP Imperial Guard Hydra Flak Tank

With some time on my hands tonight, I was looking at an ebay rescue resprayed/partly falling apart Chimera hull I had and decided to rummage through some bits and put something together with it.  I decided upon a Hydra, though I went with some missile pods instead of autocannons.  Bonus with such conversions is that I can then play around and use it for other things, like another Manticore, or a Devildog (melta missiles!) or what have you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

League Battle Report: Merkan 76th IG vs. Grey Knights

This and the following few pics are not from my game, rather a couple shots from the table set up for Sunday's game between Vinny's Tyranids and Landon's Luigi Marines.  Lots of terrain rolled, and lots of big buildings on hand makes for a very crowded table!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Battle Report: Orks vs. Pilgrims of Rust (IG)

At our local Games Day this weekend I got a game in using my Orks against Aaron's Pilgrims of Rust seccessionist/traitor/part chaos IG army.  We used 1250pt armies, Hammer and Anvil deployment and the Relic was our mission.  I took the opportunity of having a Blood Bowl table nearby and borrowed a football model to use as our objective.

Game On Games Day 2012

Game On's 2012 Games Day has come and gone, with well over 100 cans of food collected for charity, a number of games played, multiple stories and items swapped.  A bit smaller turnout than past years likely due to the proximity to holiday commitments, but a good sized crew nonetheless.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making room in the Taurus-cave - stuff for sale!

I've gone through things I don't think I'll ever get to in order to take to our local Games Day this Saturday to sell or trade, but wanted to let my loyal readers have first look and first crack if you so desired!

If interested drop me an email through my profile on the right.  If you're local (Greensboro/Triad area NC) come on out to Games Day on Saturday and we can do the trade there, immediate satisfaction and no shipping.  If you're elsewhere, I can estimate shipping depending on what and how much you get, to the US probably like $3 for a small set of plastic, $5 for more, $10-15 for the army.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Joy of Paint

No, I don't have that set.

For years as a miniature painter I accumulated paint, from all sorts of manufacturers.  I still do.  But for a long time it was mostly a matter of "oh, I am going to paint X, I need a color like Y", and picking up replacements for things that tend to get used up.  I never had a really comprehensive set.

Until I was fortunate enough to win a set of Reaper Miniatures Pro Paints in an online contest they ran.  My story featuring "Kilt Green" secured the mass of pigments for me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Endless Ones: WIP Supplicants

I managed to get some work in on my Dark Vengeance cultists.  I just built them straightforward; might work with conversions later on with others, but they're decent enough as is for me.

Still need basing and sealing, but otherwise pretty far along.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Games Day High Point December 15th! Come one come all!

Notice: GameOn GW is holding an event at Gaming Underground on December 15 from 10am - 9pm. This is their 5th annual Games Day! This event is for all Games Workshop games and there will be many tables set up and players to test your skills against! The entry fee is 2 cans of food to be donated to local food banks for the holiday season. Games will include: Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, Aeronaut
ica, Imperialis, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Apocalypse, Battlefleet Gothic, Lord of the Rings, Space Hulk, and others! A Swap meet will also be encouraged throughout the day so bring your old models that you want to get rid of and look for some buyers or someone willing to trade (no unopened boxes or blisters - models for the swap meet must be open, built, used, out of print, painted, or in similar state). A 16 man 40k carnage event is also planned! Come on out and play! CU@GU!

Gaming Underground can be found HERE 

I always have a good time seeing folks, seeing armies, watching games, playing games and doing some horse trading.  Come on out if you can!  Hope to see you there!

Some shots from past events can be found HERE and HERE

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Battle Report: Merkan 76th vs. Tyranids

Went down to Gaming Underground today, and got a non-league game in with Vinny.  He was debating which of the Trygon/Trygon Prime/Mawloc to use, so we set up for a test game with the Trygon Prime, his Nids vs. the Merkan IG, 1250pts.

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