Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Battle Report: Minotaurs and Treants and Elves? Are you sure this is 40K? Scythiak vs. Tree-anids

Tuesday I played a game vs. Aaron and his "Living World" army.  He started making an army out of sprue bits and foliage, making an army of tree-folk, using the Tyranid rules.  At this stage he also subs in some other models while he makes more woodlings.

I broke out the Scythiak to go clear-cut him and we played 1000pts, Annihilation/Spearhead.  Aaron's bud Owen graciously set up the terrain for us and we went to it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Army Profile - The Scythiak Usurpation

I always liked the Lost and the Damned army from the old Eye of Terror campaign book, and really like the different Chaos cults and various renegades that show up in the background.  After redoing my loyalist Imperial Guard into a very straightforward force, I knew that I wanted to also make a force that represented the other side - not only serving Chaos instead of the Imperium, but also including elements not present in the Merkans - abhumans, psykers, etc.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Army Profile - Hell Hounds Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines

I originally started planning out my Word Bearers under the 3.5 edition era codex, and painted their leader, the Daemon Prince Garm but the rest got sidelined until after the 4th edition CSM codex came out. 

The army was planned to have a couple of main themes:  the "Hell Hound" theme which would show up in some of their iconography, the use of Space Wolf parts and the use of summoned "hell hounds"; the preponderance of melta and flamer weaponry (back in the 4th ed days of plasma everywhere).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Army Profile - Kommissar Krumpa's Blood Axes

My Orks are another army re-done from its 3rd ed. roots.  When I first made an Ork army, it was a Bad Moons force, with a bunch of Stikkbommerz, Dreads, big grot mobs and a hugely expensive (like 6-700pts) Meganob unit with all the bells and whistles.  With the release of the 4th ed. Ork codex and their new kits I wanted to update the army.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Army Profile - Merkan 76th Imperial Guard

Ever since I got back into 40K I've loved the Steel Legion figures.  When I first started building my Imperial Guard in 3rd ed, it had to feature them.  However, being metal figures at the time I could only afford a few squads, and the rest of the army evolved into plastic Cadians and Warzone figures.  A few tanks, some Rough Riders made from Warzone figs and old Bretonnian knights, and some Ogryn made from plastic WHFB Ogres followed over time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Space Sharks - Tactical and Assault Marines

Here's the first assembled actual models for the Space Sharks - a tactical marine and an assault marine.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Codex: Lost and the Damned WIP version 2

by VA

I tend to get a lot of thinking about this stuff done on vacation.  Thanks to all those who've offered suggestions and feedback so far!

Some reworking, a few new units added and some other tweaks.  Chaos Squats weren't popular, so have been replaced.  New PDF

I have some special characters sketched out that should see the light of day in the next revision.  Currently planning on a Slaaneshi Cult Leader with some special corruption/deception powers, a nasty Khornate Mutant Warlord like a cyber-shaggoth, a sneaky Tzeentchian Traitor Officer with some redeployment abilities and telepathic orders, a Nurgle Astartes Lord zombie master, a Deacon upgrade and a special character Stalk Tank.

If you have the time to look it over, I'd appreciate your thoughts here or over at The Codex Project!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Space Sharks - early stages

Some more test figures for the Space Sharks using already assembled figs I had left over from secondhand lots.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get to the Choppah! Battle Report: Merkan 76th vs. Pilgrims of Rust

3000pts of horde guard + 4x4 table + narrow no-man's land = CARNAGE!

Had a game with Aaron of Skies of Flies, Ground of Rust.  We had arranged a game using the basics of the "Evacuation" scenario from the back of the hardback rulebook.  Basically, one side tries to escort a model to the evac point, the other side tries to kill him.  KP mission, with the special model being worth 3KP (if defender gets him away, he earns them, if attacker kills him, he earns them).

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