Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Looking back - Sons of Taurus 2013 in review!

Looking back over my blog posts for this past year, there's been a lot going on!  My overall rate of posting went down a good bit, with only 86 posts before this one, but I think I managed to pack a lot into the year.

Let's see how the hobby numbers look for 2013:
  • Leagues played in: 3  
  • Tournaments attended: 0
  • Battle Reports: 28 (plus probably 10-12 other games)
  • Figures finished: 119
  • Vehicles finished: 6
  • Terrain pieces finished: 27 (though many are from chopping up my old city board)
I'll take it.  There's still a lot on the plate for 2014, we'll see how the numbers look this time next year!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that!  I need to update my Army Profiles and get the more recent reports up on the Battle Reports page too, so some serious blog updating is called for.  We'll see when time for that is available.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Who should I be now? 40K League army choice

We're still hashing out exactly how our next 40K league is going to look, but assuming we can come to some sort of agreement, I was thinking about what army to bring and thought I'd toss it out for my fellow local players and readers in general to weigh in on what they might like to see in the reports here for the next few months.

We're still deciding if we're going to allow the various new stuff (Escalation, etc.) or not, if it will by my mutual player agreement, etc.  We shall see, but I hope that some things at least get brought in, I like seeing odd things and variety.

The candidates:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

40K Picture Dump - 1000pt tournament, Gaming Underground High Point NC

Smoke launchers FTW!
We had a local event today, a 1000pt 40K tournament.  I unfortunately wasn't able to attend for the whole time to participate, but I was able to swing by for a visit and for some pictures.  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Project List 2014

OK, time to refresh the project lists.  Partly to let you wonderful folks know what to expect, mostly to clarify for myself what I should be working on.  As always, subject to change as passions wane and new shiny things come into view.

  • Space Sharks
    • Modify bike commander.  Currently has lightning claw, will end up with either a big sword (Burning Blade) or big chainsword (Teeth of Terra).  
    • Supplemental units?  Maybe some extra things to bring points up, like a kitbashed Thunderfire Cannon, or some scouts, or some more bikers.  At some point probably all of the above.
  • Nurgle CSM
    • Daemon Prince - not in the list itself, but in case a champion gets lucky I'd like to have him painted.
    • IG "Gravedigger" allies - some infantry, maybe a few tanks using spare Steel Legion figs.
  • Reaper/Bones - piles of various figs, likely fit in between other projects.
  • Robotech - at some point the figures from the Kickstarter will arrive, and I'll get them ready for some Battletech action.
  • Terrain
    • Foamcore GW sets - I've had these for a long time, and want to get around to actually painting them up at some point.  
    • Plastic terrain - I have a big ebay batch with two more bastions and most of a Fortress of Redemption (all except the central tower parts), I want to turn those into something.
  • Orks
    • Shokk Attack Gun - needs to be painted.
    • Lootas, Stormboys?  Some extra options.
    • Stompa?  Don't have one yet, but someday...
  • Imperial Guard
    • Chimeras.  Some rides to help the Merkans get midfield would be good.
    • Vendetta?
    • Baneblade?
  • Scythiak
    • Paint second rough rider squad.
    • Counts-as Chimeras.
    • More tanks?
    • Steel Legion platoon.
  • Endless Ones
    • Raptors
    • Bikers
    • Daemon Prince(s)
    • Sons of Taurus squads
    • SoT Maulerfiend
  • Void Phantoms
    • Finish up guys already partly done.
    • Plane, wraithlord, Dire Avengers, Swooping Hawks, extra scorpion, bike warlock.
  • Fantasy Chaos
    • Maybe have something playable done in time for the next edition.

We'll see how far along this gets this coming year.  First off will be working on the Void Phantoms, my Eldar/Dark Eldar Corsairs.  I had set them aside partly when the local league put in heavy ally restrictions and I had to turn back to the Space Sharks, partly when I remembered how annoying plastic guardians are to assemble, but looked at them the other night and saw there wasn't too much left to do to.  So back to the front of the queue! 

Here they are, both the mostly completed and the still to be started.
Characters (Farseer, Warlock, Autarch, Duke Sliscus) in front of the Rangers.

Warwalkers, D-cannons, bikers.

Scorpions (decided to add in a sixth when reworked points), Swooping Hawks, nice one-piece Dire Avengers who are taking the place of the Guardians.  They work better as more elite pirates anyways I imagine.

So stay tuned in the near future for more Void Phantoms, and after that for some of the other stuff!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Warning: This post contains D-weapons!

I have Stronghold Assault waiting for me under the tree.  I don't have immediate plans to get Escalation, but have almost gotten a Stompa and Baneblade a dozen times over the years.  I have no real plans to get any of the Advent dataslits (tm Jaded Gamercast).  

There's a lot of screaming about all of these all over the web and on many of the podcasts I've heard. They're concerned about more power in 40K.  I agree more power is coming, but I'm not sure it's cause for concern.

I don't think they're too bad, at least from the position I'm in.  I rarely play in tournaments, and if I do I'm not too wrapped up in the outcome.  Heck, the last few months I rarely play, period.  I've always been up for easily accessible ways to play the game, even if those ways aren't ones that interest me personally.  Giant 50Kpt games of Apocalypse?  Not my bag, but I appreciate it being there.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

There's ruins, and then there's ruins.

Today I went down to Gaming Underground glue in hand to repair some of the terrain pieces that had been battered apart over time.  A while back when I reorganized the terrain shelves, I put the pieces that had come off and kits that had completely fallen apart into a battleforce box, which ended up almost overflowing.  Today I took the box and the damaged pieces and tried to put Humpty-Dumpty together again.

Above is the result, a bunch of buildings (and a tree) put back together in some semblance of order.  I also went ahead and did some overbrushing on the plain black pieces so now they're shades of gray instead of flat black.

I made some other welcome discoveries while I was there - someone had brought in some very nice new (at least to the store) pieces - a couple of HALO play sets (1) and (2) that look like they can fit together, a nice fallen column, and some good industrial storage tanks.  Many thanks to whoever brought those in!

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