Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sons of Taurus: Cultists and Walkers

Finished up the Sons of Taurus cultists and based the walkers.

Went with browns/reds.  One, I think it looks nice, two, think it goes well with the copper of the SoT armor, and similar to the Scythiak in case I want to combine them someday as IA13 Renegades or something.

Half of the assault guys are like the guy seen here second from the left, WHFB Empire Flagellants with Pig Iron heads.  A lot of the cultists have gas masks and/or chemical injectors, thought the Pig Iron heads were a good tie-in.  I figure the masks help feed them with combat drugs as much as keep other stuff out.

Walkers, two dreads and maulerfiend.

I also had another league game today, against Alex and his Tau (proxied at the moment).  Way too many shots for cultists to survive, but I got the spawn and dread up into him.  He was leading 2-1 (first blood and warlord) when the game ended turn 5, if we had gone on to 6 or 7 the SoT would have won and potentially even tabled him.  Them's the breaks.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Escalation League: 500pt snapshots

We've started up an escalation league to encourage new armies/new units.  I'm bringing the Sons of Taurus as that was what I was working on anyways, and it will help motivate me to keep plugging away on them.  We have a number of people nominally signed up, but have not gotten a lot of games in yet.  Hopefully that will change as more stuff gets assembled.  

At least in theory we have:

Sons of Taurus CSM (me)
Dark Angels
Ulthwe Eldar
Death Korps of Krieg
Imperial Fists
Black Scars (SM)
Tau space cops
SOB/Inquisitionx2 with alternate models
Luna Wolves

We get points for battles, playing new people, batreps if you don't win, getting units finished, donating terrain.

My first outing, against the forces of Krieg (with temporary stand-ins):

I've got a dreadnought, 5 minotaurs (spawn), 20 assault cultists and 20 shooting cultists.  Scott's Krieg had a regular Russ and a Punisher (20 shots) and a two-squad platoon with platoon HQ.  We battled over the Relic.

Shooting cultists move up along with dread, minotaurs rush forward, assault cultists hunker down under mortar fire (pinned due to a Warlord trait).  Krieg opens up on the minotaurs and kills one.

Minotaurs charge and wreck the tanks, then move on to the infantry.  One Krieg squad makes it to the center to contest the Relic but gets beaten down.  Victory Chaos!  Screen those tanks!

Second battle, against Leonard's Imperial Fists:

Bulk of the army pushes up the middle to head towards the devastators in the ruins ahead.  Shooty cultists on the flanks to grab objectives.  (Maelstrom mission).  

Pod drops down and wipes out cultists.

While minotaurs run down the devastators, cultists redirect to deal with the pod-squad.  They make it in a bit diminished, but gradually beat the marines down.  The cultist champion even won his challenge with the sergeant, earning +1 initiative.  

Second pod squad drops down and destroys dreadnought, but are close enough for the minotaurs to charge in for revenge.  I had scored more points from the cards, and won the game.  Spawn are nasty at 500pts until you get them whittled down a bit.

I've since gotten the cultists painted, but will wait to post updated pics until they're based and more or less finished. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Megabattle pics

Some pictures from our recent megabattle - IG, Sisters/Inquisition and Dark Angels vs. Orks, Tyranids and Daemons.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Check em out!

I've recently updated the blogrolls with my recent finds, and we're now at over 600 different sites.  Cruise through some, and keep an eye on the right when you visit here!

Also on the right are various other blogrolls/collections like the Tale of Painters.

There have been some more podcasts added to the podcast tab above, cruise through and take a listen!

Explore and enjoy!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Battle Brother Krampus of the Scions of Tannenbaum

The store I play at, Gaming Underground, was collecting toys and money for Toys for Tots, and did a painting contest to go along with it.  You make a donation and get a push-fit space marine to paint for a contest with some prizes (some out of date marine box sets).  Given that Toys for Tots is run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, an appropriate contest!  I decided to go with a holiday theme for mine, painting him in Santa-ish colors.  I originally was going to do a snow base, then was going to do a crushed peppermint covered base, then found the round peppermint and decided to just base him on that!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Picture Dump: Merkan 76th IG vs. Orks

A few weeks ago I had a battle against Leonard's Orks as part of the lead up to our multi-player mega-battle coming up on the 19th.  It's been a while, so I won't do a blow by blow, just dump some pictures below and a brief commentary.  Between the lootas, morkonaut and grotzookas his shooting did a number on me, while he was able to make enough 5+ saves to keep hold of the center objective and win the game.  The good guys have lost every preliminary match, giving us a pretty steep climb for the megabattle, needing a blowout to win overall.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The joy of kitbashing

I love to kitbash, taking parts from multiple kits to make one model.  I got heavily into 40K during what may have been the golden age for that sort of thing, 2000+.  As GW moved to more and more full plastic kits, either by design or by happy accident they delivered up a goldmine for kitbashers, by including extra parts and making kits largely interchangeable, so that you could mix and match various marine kits, chaos marines, fantasy, etc. to a large degree with little effort.  They also released various upgrade kits like the wonderful Space Wolf sprue, metal bits for subsets like Iron Hands, Iron Warriors, Thousand Sons.  And they did bits orders, so you if you wanted a particular metal piece or a particular sprue you could often order it directly instead of having to buy a full kit.  Plus Forgeworld of course.

While GW's own contributions were wonderful, that era also saw a rise in other companies making compatible kits and conversion bits, online bit sellers and the explosion of the glory of ebay, where you could pick up someone's whole cast off bits box.  I was in heaven.  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

I've been asked by Shapeways to give them a plug, and being an accommodating fellow who has used them in the past, here it is!

Shapeways is a 3-D printing company that makes all sorts of things based on designs others enter.  As miniatures gamers, there's a lot on offer there.  I personally have used them (through the designer CustomMinis, who has a ton of 40k useful designs) for shoulder pads for both the Space Sharks and Sons of Taurus.  If I end up expanding the Space Sharks I will probably end up getting the door set pictured above, as FW has dropped the Badab War ball and even stopped making their Carcharodon transfers.  Boo.  If you have a custom chapter or just want some variety in pads, check them out.  I expect you'll be able to find something you can work with.

The interface and searchability still leave a bit to be desired, though it does look like it has improved since I first scrolled through page after page to find what I was interested in.  Some examples of things folks might find interesting below:

Want a BFG cruiser?  (from GrimDarkBits)

Or some things for X-Wing games? (from Mel_Miniatures)

Some teeny weapons for those Hot Wheels cars you're converting for your Fury Road games? (by swinks)

How about an interesting portal glyph marker for those daemons? (by dashleysmith)

Or maybe you have been looking for the right hats for your Lego Napoleonics army? (by woody64)

Check them out, poke around and I'm pretty sure you'll find something interesting and even useful!

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