Sunday, October 19, 2014

40K League report: Scythiak vs. Dark Angels

Thankfully 40K has no rules for crossfire.

League game with Mike S and his Dark Angels.  For the DA I brought a tempting target, the Arch-Heretic Astrakenor, traitor marine cult instigator who was rumored to have once met a guy who may have seen a vid of someone in old black armor with a Calibani accent.  How armor has an accent, I don't know, but the interrogator-chaplains would like to find out!  Astrakenor runs with the rules for Col. Iron Hand Straken, who has great stats for a CSM champion.  We had 1100pts each and played the Scouring.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

7th Edition Turn Sequence - Part Two

2.01 Shut up  2.02 Dance 2.99 The Police Come

Following up from the basic version yesterday, here's a more complicated version which includes Dark Angels, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons and Eldar.  Input welcome.  If folks want to go through some other books, please email me (profile on the side) with things that go special places in the turn sequence - tell me what the rule is called and when it happens (ex: "Nids do Weird Thing" at end of Assault Phase) and I'll see about making an even more complete list.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7th edition 40K Turn Sequence - Basics

I've long complained about the lack of a real, comprehensive turn sequence for 40K.  Each new book comes out with various things that happen at the start of this phase or the end of that, and the company doesn't seem to care about helping to keep track.  Here's a start.  

This is just based on the basic rules.  I tried to put things that happen at the same time with the same number, and things that happen at the end of a particular phase will have an x.99 designation.  Later I'll post the list including the books I have/went through, and will welcome emails with more info from other books/dataslates/etc.

Monday, October 13, 2014

40K League Report: Scythiak vs. Eldar

I managed to get a league game in, this time against Josh's Eldar, my 1100pts vs. his undefeated 1000pts in a Relic match.  I reordered things a bit, changing my vets to stormtroopers/scions, dropping rough riders and a sentinel to pick up two priests and a Leman Russ Exterminator, and using my extra 100pts for an Aegis line with quad gun for more anti-skimmer shots.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

Scythiak vs. Space Wolves - Tooth and Nail

For our league day I...played something else.  Gotta get back in and catch up on league games next week!  Instead I played an 1850pt game against Scott's Space Wolves to help him prep for an event he plans to attend.  We ended up with a game of Relic.  I loaded up on Scythiak, breaking out the Ogryn with attached psyker and priests plus some daemon-summoning Wyrdvane squads.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

40K League: Cult, meet Genestealer

Whew!  Tiring week.  Just got around to loading up pictures from last Sunday.  I had a game against a player returning to the game (Mike S) and his Dark Angels, and then a league game against Josh M and his Tyranids.

It's been a while so I won't get into a blow by blow, but here's some pictures:

Sunday, September 21, 2014

40K League: Day One

We got our newest league started today, got a few games in and met some more prospective players.  All in all a productive gaming day!  Above Leonard's orks battle Joshua's Tyranids.
 Scott and I set up to play our first game of the league, his Space Wolves against the Scythiak Usurpation.  1000pts a side.  The Scythiak set up ready to move forward in the teeth of enemy fire.

Monday, September 15, 2014

40K army checklist

We had a question for our upcoming 40K league that I thought wouldn't be well-answered by a Facebook reply, so I brought it over here:

It appears that this 40K league will have several new or returning players including myself. One of the things I did was a small checklist for army building when involved with the Fantasy league. This question goes out to the more experienced players:  When creating an army list what items or capabilities do you make sure that it has?

There have been some good replies already, and some of this will overlap.  Keep in mind this is for a pretty casual league.  I don't think we'll see super-tough top meta builds or anything like that; the advice is more geared to being sure you have options and aren't blindsided.

So, what should I keep in mind while building a 40K army?  The more you can answer with a yes the better, but you don't necessarily need all of them.  There are multiple ways to do most things, and a single unit can do multiple things, but be careful of relying too much on any one unit.  A lot of things also come down to how you use something, not just the army build itself.  Caveats aside:

  • Can I secure objectives on my side of the table? (Can I have units be there at the end of the game? Can they survive?)
  • Can I secure objectives on the other side of the table/get Linebreaker?
  • Can I get First Blood and protect myself against it?
  • Can I get Slay the Warlord and protect myself against it? (Do you have ways to protect your own Warlord?  Do you have ways to pick out the enemy Warlord?)
  • Can I handle hordes?
  • Can I handle elite infantry (2+ saves)? (either weapons that can bypass the saves or ability to kick out enough wounds they are bound to fail saves)
  • Can I handle high AV vehicles and high Toughness targets? (some things work against both, some only vs one - poison is great against T8 but lousy against AV for example)
  • Do I have a way to ignore cover?
  • Do I have a way to get at somebody hiding? (Fast units, indirect fire)
  • Can I handle flyers? (Skyfire, buckets of dice or ability to weather them?)
  • Is my army fun to play against? (Great point by one of our players, Will!)
  • Is my army fun to play?
A word on flexibility - be sure to take a second look at things that inherently offer extra flexibility.  Things like missile launchers, with different fire modes or psykers that can look at the mission and the opposition before deciding what disciplines to go for.

Other things?  Things you think are more important than others?
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