Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hobby Day

Today we had a hobby day at Gaming Underground.  Not as many folks showed up as I had hoped might, but enough for a good time I think.  Above is a Fortress of Redemption that Joel is working on.  The stone he's doing for the angels is turning out really well.  He also assembled a squad of Grey Knight Terminators and worked on a Tau Piranha. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The road ahead for 40K

A while back in a post from 2012 I laid out where I thought we would see 40K headed.  I'll post some of my thoughts from then and current feelings below.  Overall, I think GW has gotten very invested in this edition, incorporating their new mechanics deeply into codicies and other releases, making it hard to see them making a major shift away from them anytime soon.  If they did, it would be an earthshaking change perhaps even more dramatic than the 2nd-3rd edition changes.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The gods are fickle

A little more Chaos modeling, two more spawn and a possessed marine, based on an old metal champion figure they tossed into army sets with a plastic possessed arm and backpack.  I've got another pile of parts that will become another nine possessed, just haven't glued them together yet.  But soon...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Wild Bunch

Some more model assembly for Chaos, this time a big pack of renegades.  Looking through boxes, I found a bunch of assembled BP/CCW space marines (and two with meltas) so those formed the core of the unit.  A pile of parts and some glue later and seven more with a more obviously chaotic look joined them, along with a champion that used to be the Emperor's.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Honor the Chapter

The other day when my mind was wandering I was adding up figures for an army, then started estimating figures for all of my armies.  I used to think that those who decided to build an entire chapter of space marines were kind of crazy.  But with my current armies for 40K, I have around 650 painted figures, not counting vehicles.  If you add in the two Tau armies, parts of CSM and a marine army that I sold there's probably another 150+ figures, for around 800 figures total that I've built and painted for 40K, 80% of a chapter (maybe 75% if you count all the support guys like techmarines).  Oof.  If you add in WHFB, I'd be over the mark (those goblins add up fast).  Of course I don't think I could have stuck with one army, much less one chapter that whole time, but I no longer think that those who do are crazy.  Or at least they're no crazier than I am!

I also have some random hobby progress to share:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

40K League Report: Space Sharks vs. Chaos Marines - Planetstrike!

My most recent game was against Rhett and his Chaos Marines.  Rhett has had a hankering for Planetstrike lately, so I suggested we use that for our league game.  We ended up at 1850pts, with me as the defender against a Chaos incursion.

I altered my standard league list a bit, dropping things like rhinos (squads would be in bastions) and the whirlwind for some terminators.  When I started unpacking, I realized I didn't have the second squad of terminators I thought I had, so I quickly redid the list to get back to points, tossing scouts and the ironclad back in.  

Rhett had: Typhus, seven terminators, 2x10 plague marines in rhinos, 10xwarp talons, 3xbikers, heldrake with autocannon.  Other than the bikers, everything had mark of nurgle.

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