Thursday, October 10, 2013

Praise Papa Nurgle! Death Guard CSM

I managed to get my Nurgle marines pretty much done.  I still need to do the IG allies I plan to give them, their human "Gravedigger" auxiliaries.  Up above is everybody's favorite destroyer hive host, Typhus.  The armor was white a few thousand years ago, but it's gotten a little more "antiqued" since.  I went with red for the power weapons.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reaper Bones second Kickstarter

Another Reaper KICKSTARTER for more Bones figures.  There were some problems with the last one, and some of the figs were disappointing, but on the whole I was pretty satisfied and expect that they will have learned from the last one and choice of figs (less susceptible to weakness/bendiness) and quality control will be better this time.  But even if some figs need work, getting a bunch of huge figs for peanuts compared to metal prices makes it worthwhile for me.

A little different this time around - the regular $100 set which will keep getting add ons, a $50 expansion that will get add ons, and individual add ons.  For those that just want a few things without getting the giant set, they have an option where you can just plunk down $1 and then be eligible to get individual add ons - so if you just want a couple of dragons or demons, or a set of mouslings, there's a way to do that pretty easily without having to get the massive set.

Timeframes are a bit disappointing, with a year before rewards start rolling out.  I had hoped that their experience from last time would let them speed it up, but at least they're being realistic.  Maybe they'll under promise and over deliver on timeframes.

Check it out, reserve a spot, and watch it grow!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

40K Seventh Edition - What's probably coming and what would we like to see?

Sixth edition is a little over a year old now, and there are some good retrospectives and reflections floating around about the first year.  We'll likely see a lifespan of a few more years with this edition, but another one is undoubtedly coming.  Given subsequent releases, what are we likely to see, and what would we like to see?

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