Sunday, July 27, 2014

Campaign Report: Void Phantoms vs. Space Wolves, Ork interlude, Tyranids

Campaign day down at Gaming Underground.  I was able to stay longer today than normal, and got involved in a variety of games.

First up, campaign game that counts towards last round, 750pts vs. Space Wolves so Eric can get a game in as he was out of town last weekend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Campaign report: Void Phantoms vs. Slaaneshi Marines

Campaign game against McCoy's Chaos Marines.  SuperHQ plus 750pts.  Missions were primary random objective cards, secondary relic, "secondary" objectives like First Blood as tertiary.

One of his warlord traits was to allow multiple infiltrators, which I forgot included the bikes.  I set up my D-cannons forward but neglected to have other things close enough to push him further back.  I decided to make deployment really crazy and infiltrated the rangers and scorpions too, and we placed different places denying infiltration zones to each other.  

Rangers set up to cover one objective and sacrifice themselves to the three squads of noise marines.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIP Shokk Attack and cheapo objectives

I did some more painting on the Shokk Attack gun mek I cobbled together a while ago.

View down the warp tunnel.
Especially when multiple games are going on we're always looking for more objective markers, so I made up some cheap numbered ones.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Campaign Batreps - Void Phantoms vs. Space Marines and Imperial Guard

As part of the campaign at Gaming Underground, my Void Phantoms Eldar corsairs faced a challenge from Jim's space marines (using Black Templar rules).  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bring back the awesome

As we get older and more experienced, it can be natural to become jaded.  You've been there, done that, seen it and have the t-shirt.  In some ways, time can give you a deeper, more fulfilling experience with what you love.  But there's that danger of becoming jaded, of taking what you love for granted.  It can happen in your relationships with people, and it can happen in your relationships with the games and fictional universes we love too.  That thing you used to love and find joy in becomes a chore to deal with, a glaring mess of flaws that obscures the good.

I recently ran across a couple of things that brought this up for me.  One, a bit of a rant from Recalcitrant Daze about his reactions to the 7th ed books and the new Ork codex.  He's sad to see some of the more fun, creative things not making it into the publications - conversions giving way to stock models, evocative art giving way to more pictures of stock models, rules and text that are less evocative (YMMV).  As an old grognard he's seen what he considers the glory days and has access to it - but what about the new players, those who are being exposed now?  Is 40K forgetting to bring the awesome?

The second was a wonderful blog about a gamer who somehow has never been directly exposed to much of the stuff that geeks hold in high esteem and quote at each other across the table.  Dude's never seen Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, etc. until recently.  As he watches them, he writes his reactions.  And they're great reactions.  Check his "instant reviews" out at Some Wonderful Kind of Noise.  After multiple viewings over many years it can be easy to lose the sense of wonder we had with our first exposure.  But I think if we try, we can get it back.

What's great about 40K?  What drew you in?  Was it getting to use tape measures and foam transport cases?  I doubt it.  More likely, it was guys in powered armor being fired at a planet from space, leaping into battle with guns that make people explode and chainsaw swords.  FREAKING CHAINSAW SWORDS!  Daemons bursting out of people's brains, rough and tough aliens with crazy technology that usually manages to work (when it doesn't blow up in their faces), relics of a heroic and dangerous past, a galaxy of wonders and terrors met with deliberate ignorance and hatred.


Embrace the awesome.  When there's someone new to the game or universe, don't discourage them with technical rules arguments and complaints.  Stoke their enthusiasm for the awesome, and leech some of it off for yourself. 

And don't forget the chainswords.
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