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Bash from the Past: 2008 40K Tourney

(With my old haunt closing down soon, With my backup site likely closing soon, I'm re-posting a number of my old Batreps here, hope you enjoy. Keep in mind when reading that some of the games were under old editions/codexes.)

June 2008:

Went to a tourney at the local shop today. Good turnout, 20 players. Took my new Word Bearers, got curbstomped pretty badly but had a good time, saw lots of cool armies.

Don't recall all the armies that were there, but the ones I can remember:

2xChaos (me and what looked like a Nurgle/Slaanesh combo)
3xSpace Wolves
White Scars
Silver Skulls
Blood Ravens (I think)
2xDaemon Hunters
...which makes 18. Don't remember what the other ones were.

Some army shots:


Wood Elves in SPAAAAAACE! Instead of flying stands, the jetbikes were supported by trees. Naturally, he gets stuck on an urban table. ;)

Some Silver Skulls

One of the SW armies

Blood Ravens?

The other CSM army

Grey Knights

White Scars

More Nids - played these in round 3

Some (mostly poor) shots of games I wasn't in:

Tau vs. IG. The IG player had his squads on 5-man strips for ease of movement. Tau player is my friend and frequent opponent, John.

White Scars vs. Silver Skulls

Space Wolves vs. Eldar. IIRC the Eldar player (on the right) ended up with Best General. SW are the ones I played in second round, Shawna.

Necron vs. GK. AV14 derby, two monoliths vs three landraiders. Necron player on the left is Scott who organizes and runs many of the local events.

Other Necrons vs. some marines - BT maybe? Hey, here's one of the armies I couldn't recall.

SW vs Nids

Other IG vs woody Eldar

 Nids vs Marines? SW? Hard to tell from the pic. If marines, might be the last missing army. Nid player on the left is Todd, my round 3 opponent.

White Scars vs. Necrons. Everone knows Mongols hate robots!

SW(?) vs GK, and a bit of the store in the background

Nids vs. Chaos

The tourney used some interesting scenarios from an Adepticon, as well as an extra scoring category for theme. 

Game one I faced a great guy named Jeremy.  My Word Bearers, champions of Chaos in all its glory, traffickers with all sorts of daemons, were to face...Daemonhunters!  :)  Great debut opponent for these guys.

Primary objective was to secure the center of the table.


Inquisitor and GK dread

Chosen move up into the woods

Chosen realizing what they've been chosen FOR is slaughter by the GK master and his termie friends.

Daemons arrive to help the Chosen (read: try to keep the termies from rampaging through more expensive units).  Defiler and one rhino have been toasted.

Despite the awesomeness that is the Chosen AC hound-centaur, he was doomed to be slain by the GKs.

Other part of the field, more daemons arrive to hunt down the Inquisitor

Inquisitor's eye view

Having gobbled down his retinue, the hounds prepare to finish the Inquisitor himself. 

Being in the perfect postion to move up, heavy flamer and assault the stormtroopers, the Dread of course chooses that moment to fire frenzy.   <_< He does manage to kill one ST with his multimelta, but the STs then proceed to move up and meltagun the dread into slag which doubtless thoroughly pollutes the stream.

Termies arrive and join CSM in trying to dislodge two LRCs from the center of the table

Doesn't work too well.  The traitors couldn't make enough saves with all the firepower coming at them, and I failed all three morale checks from shooting, and the termie and regular CSM survivors (from both CSM squads) all hoofed it, 'cause he that betrays and runs away lives to betray another day.  Or something like that.  Managed to pop one of the LRCs, but the other one was solidly controlling the center of the battlefield. I also earlier had moved my one-wound remaining DP in with his GK master - knew I would die - and I was right! - but those sorts of things just have to happen.  ^_^

At the end I had a rhino and a few daemons left.  If the game went longer, one pack of daemons would recycle (GK rules), but would not have made a difference.  Solid win for the GK.

Round two, my wolfy/viking-themed CSM fight...Space Wolves!  :) 

Opponent was Shawna.  Apparently normally plays Eldar, but borrowed the SW from her husband (the White Scars player) for the tournament.  Nice, laid back player.

Mission was VPs, with special rule where you could force one enemy unit into reserve, but it automatically showed up turn four from any table edge owning player desired.  Neat idea, but we ignored it.  Table quarters set up.

SW get ready to move out:

WB get ready to fight.  The battle for the Milkbones is joined!

Grey Hunters and Wolf Priest pile out of LRC

On the other side a regular LR disgorges a Wolf Guard battle leader and his Wolf Guard bodyguard

Hey, I've got an idea!  Let's unload tons of firepower at the Wolf Guard so we can only kill one and get into position for them to lightning claw us to death!

Meanwhile, Grey Hunters dogpile the WB dread

Mid battle view.  Wounded DP moves in to support the dread, but Wolf Priest manages to keep making saves and dispatches him.  Wolf Guard starts munching through CSM.  Chaos termies pop razorback, but since they are out of easy arms reach I keep forgetting about them.  Ven dread lays some plasma cannon love on them later.

End result, Space Wolves take it.  I did some damage, but not enough to really get VPs off of anything.

Third mission, played Todd and his Tyranids.  Hey, Tyr is from Norse myth, so that works in with my theme!  OK, maybe that's stretching it a bit. 

Nice guy, very colorful Nid army.  Different broods pretty distinct, which detracts from the 'tie the army together' aspect a bit, but for CC armies that tend to get into big cluster fights helps a lot with telling units apart.  Having played against horde armies where you could, and couldn't tell units apart - I definitely prefer playing against those where you can tell.

Setup.  Mission is to get into the other guy's DZ.  Conveniently on this map, the DZs for the mission happen to line up with the streets nicely.  Also special rule that units arriving by deep strike that use scatter die "Come in Hot" and have a chance for extra problems.  It was ruled that units arriving by teleport homer/icon that wouldn't have a risk of scatter didn't take this extra risk either.  We also decided for our game that the Lictor's 'deep strike', being hiding and not dropping from the sky, wouldn't make sense to be affected this way either.  First turn under Night Fight.

Nids move up, as does Chaos

Here comes trouble!

Hey, that's not a statue!

Marines with help of daemons kill the Hive Tyrant, daemons in turn get charged by stealers.  Other daemons fighting ripper swarms. 

Very satisfied Ravener after having rended Defiler to death, accomplishing what buckets of venom cannon shots had been unable to do

Zoanthrope immobilizes Chaos Dread, making it easy prey for rending genestealers

My left flank which was just the walkers gets overrun pretty easily and he gets a group of stealers and a ravener into my DZ.  Other side with my infantry does a lot better, killed the Tyrant, kill a carnifex, kill the rippers, kill a zoanthrope, get two groups of stealers down to one model each. 

But...remember that "Coming in hot" special rule?  Well, of course my termies which I drop into his DZ roll the required 6 to get caught up in it.  Take a casualty and are entangled.  Oog.  So instead of heavy flamering/combiboltering the Broodlord and his retinue to death, stand around for a turn while the Broodlord turns around and charges them in combination with another carnifex.  Termies do some damage, but are pulled down by all the rending claws.

The VP swing from that series of events decides the game.  Losing the termies, not getting the bonus points for them being in the nid DZ, not getting points from the Broodlord, not getting bonus points for killing most expensive enemy HQ (broodlord)...turned what might have been a victory into abject defeat.  Oh well - you take the chances, you take the risks.  ;)

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