Monday, July 29, 2013

Toxic Pool Plan, and more terrain

Some more terrain fiddled with.

The toxic pools, from Gale Force 9.  My son, wanting to help, came up with a plan for using them:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

40K League: Space Sharks vs. Orks

Got my week 2 league game in with Leonard and his Orks on Saturday.  1000pts still, Relic, Dawn of War deployment.  

I made a number of mistakes this game, which I payed for.  First of all I mistakenly thought we were still doing Emperor's Will, so my terrain placements were done based on that.  Important to know these things!

My tactical combat squad can be seen on the left, one termie squad on the right in the woods, other two termie squads and Belial deep striking in.  Orks have full loota squad, 30 boy squad, tooled up warboss/nob squad in battlewagon.

Friday, July 26, 2013

40K League: Space Sharks vs. Necrons, terrain, new HQs

First game of the league, with the Sharks up against Patrick's Necrons.  Emperor's Will, Hammer and Anvil deployment.  Here's the crons, with Belial and tac combat squad back in far right corner where they sat out the battle on my objective.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's a Hard Blog Life

When you're starting out, blogging can be a lonely affair.  

You see others and get inspired to start your own and start putting posts out, documenting hobby logs, composing your thoughts and whatnot to add to the blogosphere, hoping that you're putting out more signal than noise and that your vanity project will be vindicated by acknowledgement and even praise, enough to stroke your ego into continuing to put in the time and work involved.

I follow a lot of blogs.  A LOT.  It's hard to keep up, which is one of the reasons I'm so thankful for blogrolls, of which I have quite a few over on the right ---> .  Still, it's hard to find the time to keep up with them all, and I apologize that I can't comment on or even skim more of them.  

But they still deserve some love, or I wouldn't have bothered to follow them in the first place.  Maybe you can help!  Check them out, see what you like, follow them, comment and so forth.  If you're looking for a place to start, I went through and found some little orphan blogs that are working hard but need some attention.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pre-league tryouts: Space Sharks vs. Dark Eldar and Space Wolves

A number of us turned up at the local store on the first day of our new league.  All of our actual games were scheduled for other times with other people, but we got some practice games in anyways.  1000pts, Emperor's Will.

The store had also been robbed the night before, with the high-end Magic cards being ripped off, but that's another story.

My first game was against Dark Eldar, a skimmer-fest with ten dark lances, a disintegrator, two liquifiers and many splinter shots.  He circled the wagons around the venom holding the liquifier wracks and haemonculus (above).

Saturday, July 20, 2013

40K League - Let's get ready to rumble

Tomorrow starts our next 40K league, with a few rounds at 1000pts.  We have open lists, and I thought readers might be interested to see them and speculate on results of matchups, which is a long tradition in gamers and nerds in general (who would win - Rommel in a Klingon D7 Battlecruiser with a crew of ninja pirates or Napoleon with a boarding party of Pokemon?  Go!).

We have: Me (Space Sharks using Dark Angels), two Space Wolves (one a counts as), Orks, two Necrons, three Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Chaos Marines.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Miniature-Giant - thanks folks!

Years ago I did a review of Miniature-Giant, an online retailer that among other things has all the Reaper stuff.  Discounts, fast turnaround and a referral program.  Some of you must have read the review, because I've been getting some nice "recruit rewards", and was amazed at how much it was when I made an order today!

So...thanks, whoever you are!  I hope you're at least getting something from the small orders I put through, and that you're spreading the word further for even more rewards.

For those of you who haven't checked them out yet, please do so!  And of course enter in "jimebarr" as your referring member (without the quotes) for extra discounts for both of us!

I especially recommend them for picking up some of the extra Bones you have been thinking about - their discounts PLUS extra discounts on top of the low Bones prices make those guys super cheap!  Ogres for under $2 each?  Gimme!

40K Skirmish possibly inbound, and new podcast finds

Via Natfka at Faeit212 via Tastytaste at Blood of Kittens:

You heard that right. It appears one of the biggest surprises this year is not going to be the re-release of Bloodbowl, but something that is much more insidious.......Warhammer 40k: Inquisition.

This will be a skirmish sized game of 5-10 models per side, and may end up becoming more than a limited edition run. It seems that seeing all the skirmish sized game out there, Games Workshop is capitalizing on their 40k universe and peoples drive to want a smaller game. Rather ingenious if you ask me.

Definitely if a game like this was the same scale models as 40k, and was expanded upon as more than just a limted release, count me in. Might have to count me in regardless.

Please remember that this is a rumor, some salt is always required. This breaking rumor comes from TastyTaste and more can be found here on his site.

via TastyTaste on Blood of Kittens
GW is about to enter the skirmish scene with the release of
Warhammer 40k: Inquisition

Inquisition is designed for 2-4 players and each side will use custom cards and dice. Army sizes consist of about 5-10 models per side. A whole new set of models drawn from Blanche artwork will accompany. The game should be flexible as you can make and design your own Inquisitorial retinue. As for rules complexity that is anyone's guess, but the general marketing goal for Inquisition is a gateway game into the greater Warhammer 40k universe.

Beyond that GW, seems to be taking cues from Kickstarter projects like Sedition Wars and home-brewed rules like Inq28 for Inquisitor. This also might not end up as a limited edition run, but that all depends on sales, and if any support is continued will be done through digital expansions and updates.

Could be interesting!  Given how much they pack into the 40k/WHFB starter sets, I can just imagine 60+ inquisition/arbite/cultist/ganger/genestealer cultist figures packed into a starter box sized kit.  Yum.  We'll see if this pans out!

In other news, I found a couple more 40K related podcasts that I enjoyed:

Veterans of the Long War - Out of the northeast US.  Sounds like a fun gaming group; I hope they keep the releases coming!

The 2nd Wave - Out of Oz,  sounds like another good group.  One of the players is a Death Korps of Kreig player, which makes for interesting perspectives at times.  Again, hope to hear more!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pre-league tryout - Shark Angels vs. Dark Eldar

I recently got hold of the new Dark Angels book and decided to try out making a Deathwing-heavy force to use for the next 40K league.  For the first round of games at 1000pts, the army consists of Belial (with twin claws, what I currently have modeled), three terminator squads and with the leftover points, a five-man tac squad with flamer.

At Gaming Underground Sunday I got a practice game in with Jim Bowen's Dark Eldar.  He took a very mobile force - three squads of hellions with the Baron, two squads of bikes and a small wrack unit in a venom.  We rolled up Big Guns Never Tire, which basically meant we played Crusade since neither of us had any Heavy Support units!

Above are my tac squad and Belial hanging out by one objective.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

SMILE! Loaner terrain

Players down at Gaming Underground had been bemoaning the lack of variety in terrain, so I made up a couple of pieces to leave there for a while.  First up is a rocket-shaped birdhouse I picked up a while ago at Michael's at a discount as one fin was broken off.  I figured it just saved me work, since I would probably have it as a crashed rocket anyways, and the broken fin makes it easier to lie down.

At first I thought of doing it as an ork rokkit, some kind of giant pulsa, but decided to make it imperial.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dangerous Fever - Battle Report: Space Sharks vs. Nurgle CSM plasma-spam

Sorcerer and fellow sickos hanging out by their objective.

This Sunday the local players got together to discuss our next league and get some games in.  If everyone sticks with it, we should have around a dozen players for the league.  Still debating what to bring.

While there, I played Scott's Nurgle CSM (as opposed to his Khorne CSM or Iron Warriors CSM).  He's big into Apocalypse games, and it shows with his collection.  He was pulling guys from a box labeled "74 PLAGUE MARINES"!  It was an accurate label.  You can check out his blog HERE.

We played 1850pts, Emperor's Will, Vanguard Strike deployment.  I took my regular sharks plus 8 terminators to bring them from 1500 to 1850.  Scott took a terminator lord with the burning brand, three squads of three terminators with combi-plasmas, a sorcerer with combi-plasma, three squads of plague marines with twin plasma, a squad of PM with melta in a rhino, a squad of PM with flamers in a rhino, and a vindicator.  Everything that could had Mark of Nurgle.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Some more work done on the Void Phantoms.  My main stumbling block at this point is not wanting to assemble guardians.

I also got my Reaper Bones Kickstarter package yesterday, and checked out the various goodies inside:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Call your Apothecary!

Poor Vespid - even in the new book they can't get a break.

Are you a Warhammer 40K player suffering from:
  • Lack of firepower
  • Infrequent tankbusting
  • Irregular objective clearing
  • Skyfire deficiency
  • Inconsistent overwatch
  •  or overpriced codex units?
If so, contact your Apothecary about Taualli.  
Taualli is a potent formula with long-range impact to improve your 40K lifestyle.  If you want to blow your opponents off the table, ask your Apothecary or Army Builder about Taualli.

Taualli may not work with all codicies.  Please consult a rulebook before incorporating Taualli.  Do not take at the same time as Necronalli or other alli-class products.  Armies that spawn Termagants or may spawn Termagants should not use Taualli.  In studies, significant wallet damage has occurred in some users of Taualli, especially those with tririptideisis.  Do not use white primer on Taualli after Labor Day.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

40K League Army?

So this weekend the store settles on rules for the next 40K league and we see who's in.  I was originally planning on running the Void Phantoms (Eldar/DE corsairs), but have been having potential second thoughts, and wondered what folks might like to see in action.

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