Monday, December 29, 2014

Triad Cluster Campaign: Space Wolf saga continues, more Legendary Units

Some more players added, running of all things 30K lists.  We'll see how that goes!  Iron Hands and Sons of Horus join the fray.

New Legendary Units:
The Tears of Cretacia (Flesh Tearers) 15 Death Company with Jump packs

Forever Blazing Dragons - 10 Fire Dragons including Exarch with Firepike
The Fists of Ferrus (Iron Hands) 3x thud gun weapons platforms, 6x crew men

More Space Wolf stories:

The tech sergeant stood in the middle of the bay. All around him preparations were being made. For a minute the amazement of what he saw froze time itself. Made it stop, made him see.The whir of the engines, the smell of oil, the vibration of the deck all stopped. The hanger was full of people and equipment. On one side was row upon row of drop pods. Their ramps still down as they loaded their precious cargo on board. The space marines of the VI legion….The Space Wolves. Some of the pods held or would hold packs of grey hunters, brothers that had fought side by side in many conflicts. Others units of blood claws, new young eager spacewolves that many of the chapter referred to as pups. Still others would carry the veteran wolf guard, members that had fought together so long that when on the field of battle they thought and reacted as one. But it was the last ones, the ancient ones. The dreadnaughts they were called. Warriors that had fell in combat, their bodies unrepairable but their minds still strong. Entombed now in a metal living sarcophagus. Armed with heavy armor and devastating weapons they live on for centuries, being called to duty when needed. Now they were needed. On the other side were the thunderhawks. Into their bellies rolled the mechanized units of the wolves. Rhinos, razorbacks, land raiders and their different variants, all quickly loading along with their passengers. Last but not least were the fabled thunderwolves. Huge by any standard, as large as some vehicles. These beasts were meant for one thing, to kill. To take the fight to the enemy, to slay him where he stood and move on to the next heretic or alien that opposed him. He was quickly snapped back to the here and now by one of those very wolves snapping and growling at him. Eager to get to battle they didn’t care. The tech sergeant stepped back quickly remembering he had gear to load ……


A single blip sounded in Tyr’s earpiece. A priority message from Captain Milian, the commander of Asland when Tyr was absent. “Sir, your going to want to see this. “ On screen was his only response. His visual feed was soon filled with a display of the system. There were multiple warp signatures, large signatures, shining brightly on the blackness of the system. Something or somethings were coming thru. Millian’s voice cut in again, “Sir, we have multiple in bound fleets. Sensors report multiple portals opening. Three of the larger ones are showing living bio ships but with different configurations. The final one shows it to be a chaos fleet my lord. But you need to look at this.” The screen zoomed in on the vessels pouring thru. “ Records indicate and identify the fleet markings, they are over 10000 years old. They bear the signs of The Sons of Horus” “Keep me posted” growled Tyr. He sat for a moment, his war council around him. He had fought countless campaigns against heretic and alien alike. But something was different here. The original communiqué had told them that the settlers of the triad cluster had unearthed some mysterious artifacts at about the same time as a passing rokk ship decided this would be a good place to refit and refuel. Stopping the invasion of said orks and putting down the alien robots would be the mission. Simple, to the point. The second communiqué made him raise an eyebrow. It listed the allied forces notified in the area. All brother marines with the exception of the Sisters. Units from the Blood Angels, their successor the Flesh Tearers, two units of Dark Angels and an Iron Hands company. No Imperial Guard, no follow on forces, no occupation forces. Space marines were for one thing, war, to kill, burn, destroy the enemy. And now this latest news from Millian. The bugs he could understand, they were simply here to devour every living thing, no other purpose. BUT the chaos fleet. Those signs had not been seen since the Heresy. He knew the warp could change and distort time, but still. Something was not right here. Plus there were reports of shadows on the edge of sensor range. Something was at play, something amiss but for now it had to wait.
Starting soon!  This weekend should see our first games, and we'll get to see what upgrades some of these Legendary Units get!


  1. Cool! I gotta root for the Eldar, but a legendary unit of airborne death company sound really cool too.

    1. I look forward to seeing the initial upgrades so I can get really nervous.


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