Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gellar Field Charlie: Setup

They have so much terrain they have a special shelf for Evil Shrines.  I approve!

Saturday some fellow locals and I trekked out to Atomic Empire in Durham for a 40K tournament.  I'm not a big tourney player, but several others were planning to go and we are in a lull between local leagues/campaigns so I decided to go along.  Three rounds, 2000pts, anything short of unbound goes.  I decided to bring the "Shark Angels", Space Sharks count-as Dark Angels, with a bunch of terminators and some other support.

We had:

1. Astra Militarum
2. Chaos Space Marines / Necrons
3. Space Marines / Astra Militarum / Space Wolves
4. Adepta Sororitas / Inquisition
5. Grey Knights / Inquisition / Space Marines
6. Necrons
7. Orks
8. Chaos Daemons
9. Eldar
10. Dark Angels (me)
11. Eldar
12. Chaos Daemons / Heretics and Traitors
13. Chaos Daemons / Chaos Space Marines
14. GreyKnights / Space Marines / Space wolves / Inquisition
15. Eldar: Iyanden / Dark Eldar
16. Chaos Daemons / Space Wolves

The store itself is huge and impressive, with all sorts of product from a variety of games and companies, miniatures, board games, card games, comics, geek chic and more.  A worthy destination.  They had us set up with a bunch of tables, had a few other small (in total space - a Dr. Who miniatures game event had a similar amount of people but only took up one very crowded table) games going on and still had plenty of open tables left.  

After setting up ten tables of terrain for us, they still had quite a bit left over:

They even had a big screen where they put up pairings and had a round countdown timer:

More often used for Magic the Gathering, but easily re-tasked to other events.  Shiny.

The tables:

Some very nice scratch built urban pieces, I especially liked the parking deck.

I've seen these on ebay, and have bought other pieces from them, good work, if some is a bit too much for me.

Don't recall who made these, but saw similar ones for sale there I believe.

The Tau-themed pieces are from Micro Art Studio, and sold in-store as well.
A number of solid Battlefield in a Box pieces

I'd hate to be the Ork horde crossing over that.

Tyranid winter wonderland
Pretty pleased with the tables!  From past tourney experiences and pics online of other events I expected it to be more sparse, but these had quite a bit on them - sometimes so much it was dangerous!

Some armies:

My Space Sharks
Local player Mike's Daemons, with some loaners from me mixed in
Local player Scott T's Eldar
More daemons
Grey Knight/Space Wolf/Inquisition/Space Marines/fortification (bunker with comms relay), my round one opponent
Orks/Knight/fortification (void shield generator)
Grey Knights/Space Marines/big gun things


Daemons and IA13 Renegades & Heretics, pic taken prior to daemons being unpacked
I was also very surprised to see most of the armies fully painted, and most very well.  Certainly helped to improve the experience, as the spectacle is a big part of the game for me.

More later!

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