Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Triad Cluster Campaign: Buildup

Some tidbits as we get closer to starting the Triad Cluster campaign:
As the transmission ended Lord Tyr turned to his helmsman, "Set coordinates and prepare for jump"………..

The fleet came out of warp, screaming and tearing at the very fabric of reality. The jump had brought them in close to the planet, a calculated risk given the circumstances but one the crew had performed many times. The feel of real space suddenly jolting everyone
but there was no time to recover.
“ Enemy ships closing on the starboard side”
came the defense operators voice. The gamble had paid off. The battlebarge
Asland and strike cruisers Durst's Shield and Ruewyn along with their escorts
had managed to jump inside the ring of defenses. Even now thunderhawk gunships
could be seen pouring out to screen the mission ahead.

The launch bays were a blur of activity. The Vika Fenryka, the sky warriors, warriors of the Emperor’s sixth legion. The SPACE WOLVES. Row upon row
of drop pods could be seen. Each one carrying a package of death, a unit of
grey hunters with their cunning and patience, bloodclaws impatient to get to
grips with the enemy, ancient dreadnaughts wise and experienced awaken from
their slumber. All know their role and their part to play. The thrum thrum
thrum of the barges guns sounded throughout the bay when every comm link
suddenly cut on. Lord Tyr’s voice came across “ For Russ….For the Wolftime….Attack”
And the reconquest began………..
And a little bit about my Orks:

When Blood Axe warbands form, the boss goes around and evaluates his orks.  He finds the biggest, toughest, strongest, meanest, most cunning orks he can.
Those become nobs.  This is not their story.
This is the story of the next rung down.  Not quite nob material but well above the average ork.  These orks are formed into units, equip themselves with the strongest armor they can and load up with all the weapons and stikkbombs they can carry.  They usually then beat up some weaker mob for their ride and embark into battle as full Shokktroopahs! 
In the wars of the Triad Sector, the Blood Axe Shokktroopahs named themselves after fearsome warriors they had heard tales of…ded ard fighters that stopped even the mighty Ghazkgull Thraka cold.  Thus the Steel Leejun took to the field!

Some of the Legendary Units that will be taking the field:

The Steel Leejun - 20 ardboys with nob

The Fangs of Fenris - 5 Thunderwolf Cavalry with a variety of weapons

The Outcast of Vior'La - Riptide

The Chosen of the Prioress, aka "Bolt .45" - Ten battle sisters ready to roast with flamer and heavy flamer.


  1. Oh this sounds awesome!!! I just got my Ork army up and running (all 1000 points so far) and plan to put a thumpin' on my buddy's SW too! I'm also going to find some spiky-beakies to thump too, because they think their choppas are betta than mine. I can't wait and love to make this stuff into campaigns and such! I look forward to seeing more...

    1. I look forward to it too, on several levels. I look forward to seeing what folks come up with, what choices they will take with unit upgrades, and if the system will lead to some different in-game choices.

  2. Still waiting for the Blood Angels codex to make it to the shop. Then I can join in the fun.

    1. Yep, imagine it is a bit hard to plan without the book.


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