Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sharka Khan?

Yep, another post about those guys

Like many marine players, I've been thinking about my Space Marines in relation to the new codex.  For me, that's mostly my Space Sharks, though until I get around to converting them into more Sharks, I guess it could also apply to my Silver Skulls as well. 

The big conundrum of the day is: which Chapter Tactics to follow?

For me there are three main contenders:

Ultramarines: Flexible, helps with shooting and assault.  My Sharks are a pretty varied lot in the battle company mold (though without devs at the moment) and could make use of all the abilities.  Rerolls for everyone is good, esp. the tac squads.  Extra ability to make it into assault is handy, as is the ability to reroll snap shots (say, against flyers).  

White Scars:  Woof.  Bikers no longer needing to worry about terrain, better jink and hammer of wrath.  Nice.  Plus Hit & Run on everyone (except terminators and centurions, and things without the Chapter Tactics rule, like dreads) is AMAZING.  Sooo much potential mobility and opportunity for repeat attacks, concentration of force, etc.  Really fits in with the strike, retreat, strike again style noted for the Space Sharks.  Bonus if add in Sharka Khan as warlord to get Scout on the bikes and transports (in my current list would be the bikers and the two tac squads in rhinos), which would allow for more deployment fun, hitting midfield earlier or Outflanking.  And I love me some Outflanking.

Iron Hands: A little bit of extra resiliency can go a long way.  FNP 6+ and It Will Not Die on characters makes getting Slay the Warlord a little bit harder for the enemy, and FNP on all the marines and IWND  on vehicles makes them all a little tougher - making it less likely for the enemy to win First Blood, making it that much harder to pick up kill points, making units hang around longer in the way/on objectives etc.  Outlasting your opponents certainly has advantages.

At present I'm leaning towards White Scars as it really fits how I wanted the army to play when I originally set them up and the possibilities for army wide Hit & Run are just mind boggling.

My current force's "core" is running at 1070pts in the new book:

Two tactical squads in rhinos: 490pts
Bike squad: 215
Assault squad: 215
Typhoon Speeder: 85
Whirlwind: 65

This is taking a few things out for the moment, but also involving some price reductions.  My old 1500pt list is down to 1400.

My bike captain can either stay as-is, move to chapter master status for extra wound and orbital bombardment, or be converted into Sharka Khan. I also have the jump pack librarian I've been working on that can be stuck in.

The Ironclad rarely accomplished a whole lot, dreads still aren't that great and Ironclads can't even take venerable.  If I go the Iron Hands route he may come back in.  He may come back in anyways, I love dreads even though they are overcosted underperformers.

The Whirlwind could fairly easily be turned into a Rhino/Razorback or an anti-air tank if desired.

What to fill in to get to 1500/1850?  
If I go White Scars, another bike squad is likely, and even filling them out in order to be able to combat squad is possible.  More tacticals in another rhino or a pod is possible, sternguard, scouts with or without speeder transport, thunderfire, stormtalon, attack bikes, etc.  Lots of options.

If I go Ultramarines, more things to fill out the battle company aspect, like at least one devastator squad.  Other than that, maybe more tacs, another assault squad or more bikers, scouts, tanks, whatever.

If I go Iron Hands, more bodies in whatever form to up the resiliency, maybe some firepower tanks to try to dish it out while making use of the IWND.  

What are your considerations when choosing (aside from if you have a clear particular chapter or predecessor) your chapter tactics and how are you filling things out to make use of them?


  1. My Storm Wardens' founding is conveniently 'lost to history' and under inquisitorial seal. Thus I can use any chapter tactics I like. My army lacks an assault element and has always been 'bolter hell' up to and including a dev squad with 4 heavy bolters. As such there was little question on whose chapter tactics to use: the Imperial fists.

    1. Sounds good! I think that's what a lot of folks will do, and basically what I'm looking at - how does the army already look, and therefore where would it fit best.

  2. I've always run an almost pure Biker force, in Ultramarine colors. I was originally going to use the Ultras CT out of principle, but then I realized that no one else is restricting themselves based on paint, so I'm taking White Scars for that force. In the past I typically ran a Captain, three or four bike squads of 5-6 models plus attack bikes, an attack bike squadron or two, speeders, a jump librarian, and an assault Marine unit. If I had points, I'd run a bike command squad with a variety of upgrades (all my modeled command squad guys are unique and special snowflakes).

    If you're designed around getting stuck in, White Scars is the smartest, most efficient choice. Ultras might help you on the way in via fire support and rerolls to charge, and Iron hands will make you stick around a little longer (though 6+ FNP isn't all that jazzy, IMO). The big one for Iron Hands is the IWND and character buffs for challenges. No need to fear one power fist hit smoking your HQs in a challenge.

    1. As above with DMC - I think that's the way to go, find the fit for what you already play.

      For my WS is not so much about getting stuck in, but stupid levels of mobility. Move, charge, be safe from shooting, Hit & Run catapult away, move, run onto objective, etc.

  3. I jumping ship like a rat on the Titanic. White Scars for the all Scout army. Iron Hands if I want to run 6 dreads. I want to run a mix of bikes (either grav or melta). Tacs either in 2 rhinos or 2 drop pods. Scouts in a Land Speeder Storm, which Dark Angels can't even run!

    1. In some ways the Chapter Tactics give us what many have been asking for, ie ways to run the different types of companies - battle, assault, dev.

  4. Also, I have ordered bits to make grav guns out of the ends of Necron Warrior weapons and Meltas. I will chop off the melta barrel, then attach the Necron bit. This way I have gravs and melta barrels for Combi-meltas.

    1. I think grav will be good, but overrated. I can see taking some, but not the flavor of the month spam all eggs in one basket I'm seeing in many lists.

    2. Yeah, in the end, it is still probably better to just explode a vehicle. Melta is still probably the better choice. Grav is by far better than Plasma, though.

  5. I am in for White Scars for my generic space marines. I have a bunch or bikes and some White Scar bits from back in the day. I just have to find them.

    1. I think I may be set on WS myself. Debating on if Khan is worth it; while Scout is great, might rather have 2+ save chapter master. Could take both, but to get Scout Khan has to be warlord and is also points away from scoring stuff. I'll play around with builds some.


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