Sunday, November 25, 2012

Army Profile: Space Sharks!

My Space Sharks are actually two armies - a Deathwing-rules terminator force, and a regular Codex: Space Marines force.

Back when I first came back to 40K in mid-3rd edition, I started gathering models for an all-beakie space marine army.  But which chapter to do?  I wanted a chapter I remembered from the early days, and not one of the big ones like Ultramarines or Blood Angels.  Eventually I narrowed it down to the Space Sharks and the Silver Skulls, and the Silver Skulls narrowly won out.  But the sharky itch never fully went away and as you can see I ultimately got back to them.
The Deathwing (or "Deathfin" as I call them) have 27 models - five squads of five terminators, plus Belial (center above) and a dreadnought.  I had always wanted to do a deathwing army, and through starter sets and some trades managed to get enough to do the 1500pt army.  After a little debate about whether to do them as straight up Dark Angels or another force, they ended up as Space Sharks.  They incorporate some of the design elements that carry over into the regular SM Space Sharks - some RT-era type slogans, no eagles on the armor, chainblades and bayonets, and generally a more spare and functional brutality instead of more stylized and intricate armor.
I opted for a sandy base, like a desert or beach for both forces in order to contrast with the grey armor.  

The regular Space Sharks are mostly a collection of units that I think are cool, so aside from regular marines there are bikes, assault marines, a speeder and a dreadnought.  The pointy bits are even more prevalent than they were on the terminators, as is the graffiti.

Venerable Brother Spielberg, the Great White Ironclad
Tac squad and Rhino
Sgt details
Tactical details
I still love beaky helmets, and there are a lot in the Space Sharks.  I did however mix it up a bit, with some MK III, Steam Knights and even CSM heads.

Bike Captain on Kromlech bike

Bikers and attack bike

Land Speeder Typhoon and Assault Squad
As with all the armies, there should be quite a few battle reports with the Space Sharks in the Battle Reports tab if you'd like to see more, or browse through the various WIP posts. 

I've also recently updated the army profiles for the Merkans and the Orks, adding pics for the more recent units I've added to them.


  1. Can't beat more grey Marines, I've just finished that exact Sergeant from AOBR. (Will post Tuesday) - great stuff, keep the sharks a'coming.

  2. Hey Siph! I think that the Sharks are on indefinite hold, so no new Sharks for a while, but I wanted to get their profile up.

  3. Just doing a catch up 'skim' of your Blog, so much top notch stuff I've been missing out on. Your Sharks are great, the irreverent RT era slogans just brought a big smile, why did I ever stop putting those on my marines?

    I may just have to go back and figure out a way to fit them in with my scheme; bring a little more fun from back in the day.


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