Sunday, November 23, 2014

Endless Ones Havoc Squad

Finished up my autocannon havoc squad for the Endless Ones.  

For my next trick, undecided as to whether I will work on painting my plastic replacement warboss and a 20-strong ardboys squad to go in my recently finished battlewagon

or more Chaos - cultists, big mixed renegade squad or possessed.

I'm currently leaning towards the orks or the mixed renegades, but we will see in the days ahead...


  1. nothing says i love you this holiday season quite like 80mm solid slug iridium core auto cannon rounds. For those cold nights on the eternal crusade against the false emperor, when the pyre of loyalist corpses just needs a little extra...tank. so remember Autocannon this holiday shopping season.

  2. Ard boyz! Awesome! Looking forward to those. The autocannon havocs look great. If you get a chance, take some zoomed in shots. Hard to see all those details!

    1. They are quick and sloppy, think you may be disappointed with close ups, but they're coming soon!


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