Thursday, October 2, 2014

40K League: Cult, meet Genestealer

Whew!  Tiring week.  Just got around to loading up pictures from last Sunday.  I had a game against a player returning to the game (Mike S) and his Dark Angels, and then a league game against Josh M and his Tyranids.

It's been a while so I won't get into a blow by blow, but here's some pictures:

Another game with Orks and Space Wolves.

"We're going to ruin this world!"  "No, WE'RE going to ruin this world!"

The nigh-unstoppable broodlord!

Well, nigh.

I like big bugs and I cannot lie.

The nids do a good deal of damage, but in the end the Scythiak manage to hold the field.

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