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7th Edition Turn Sequence - Part Two

2.01 Shut up  2.02 Dance 2.99 The Police Come

Following up from the basic version yesterday, here's a more complicated version which includes Dark Angels, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons and Eldar.  Input welcome.  If folks want to go through some other books, please email me (profile on the side) with things that go special places in the turn sequence - tell me what the rule is called and when it happens (ex: "Nids do Weird Thing" at end of Assault Phase) and I'll see about making an even more complete list.  Enjoy!

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Turn Sequence
(Incorporating Dark Angels, Space Marines, Eldar, Orks, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons)

0.0 Pre-game
               0.1 Determine mission, set up terrain, (generate psychic powers)
                              0.11 (Most missions) Place objectives
                              0.12 Determine deployment type
                              0.13 Roll off for table sides
                                             0.131 (Emperor’s Will) Place objectives
               0.2 (Standard Deployment Method)
                              0.21 Night fight
                              0.22 Roll off to determine deploy first/second
                              0.221 CD Karanak Prey of the Blood God
                              0.23 First player:
                                             0.2399 Combat Squads
                                             0.2399 IG Platoon Combine Squads                                        
                              0.24 Generate warlord trait
                                             0.241 Ork Mek Mekaniaks assignment
                                             0.241 Dark Angels Deathwing Assault
0.25 Deploy (including fortifications and placing units in Reserve and declaring alternate deployment method such as Deep Strike and Outflank)
                              0.26 Repeat 0.23 – 0.25 for second player
                              0.27 Techmarine Bolster Defenses
0.27 CSM Warpsmith Shatter Defenses
0.27 CSM Gift of Mutation
                              0.27 Alternate deploying Infiltrators
                              0.28 Alternate Scout moves
                                             0.2899 SM Cluster Mines
                              0.29 Seize the initiative attempt

1.0 The start of your turn
               1.01 Drop Pod Assault (1st Turn)
               1.01 IG Officer of the Fleet Navy Orders
               1.01 SM (Ultramarines) Declare Chapter Tactic for turn
               1.01 CSM Huron Blackheart psychic power table
               1.01 CSM Daemonic Possession check (1st turn)
               1.01 CSM Murder Sword target (1st turn)
               1.01 CSM Scrolls of Magnus
               1.01 CD The Blue Scribes Spell Syphon / Scrolls of Sorcery
               1.01 CD Ku’gath Plaguefather Nurgling Infestation
               1.01 CD Epidemius tally table
               1.01 CD Kairos Fateweaver The Two Heads of Fate
               1.1 Reserves (starting turn 2)
               1.1 Servitor Mindlock Check
               1.1 IG Commissar Yarrick Iron Will
               1.1 Ork Warboss Waaagh! (Turn 2+)
2.0 Movement phase
2.0 Eldar Spiritseer Spirit Mark (any point during movement phase)
               2.01 Ork Grabbin’ Klaw attempts (enemy turn)
               2.01 Dark Angels Dark Talon Hover Strike
               2.01 CSM Helbrute Crazed table
               2.01 CD Portalglyph (any point)
               2.01 CD Grimiore of True Names (any point)
               2.1 Move units in turn
                              2.11 Move/deploy units arriving from Reserve before any other units
                                             2.111 Eldar Baharroth Sun’s Brilliance
                                             2.111 Eldar Grenade Pack
                                             2.111 CSM Warp Talon Warpflame Strike
                              2.11 Flying Monstrous Creature change flight modes
                              2.11 Eldar Skyleap
                              2.12 Units falling back take regroup tests before moving
                              2.12 Must attempt to restore unit coherency
                              2.12 CSM Daemonic Possession check
2.99 Vector strike
2.99 Interceptor
               2.99 Grounding tests
               2.99 Dark Angels Conversion Field/Displacer Field
               2.99 Blind tests
               2.99 Morale tests for 25%+ casualties
               2.99 IG Recovery Gear checks
               2.99 Orks Killa Kans Cowardly Grots check
               2.99 Eldar Death Mission counters
               2.99 Eldar Fuegan Unquenchable Resolve
               2.99 CD Portalglyph daemon generation
3.0 Psychic phase
               3.01 FMC Skyfire?
               3.1 Generate warp charge
               3.2 Manifest powers (p.24)
                              3.201 CD Blasted Standard
                              3.21 Eldar Runes of Warding
                              3.21 CSM Chaos Boon Table
                              3.299 IG Commissar (any type) It’s For Your Own Good
                              3.299 CD The Blue Scribes Spell Syphon
               3.99 Grounding tests
               3.99 Dark Angels Conversion Field/Displacer Field
               3.99 Blind tests
               3.99 CD Warpflame
               3.99 Morale tests for 25%+ casualties
               3.99 Eldar Death Mission counters
               3.99 Orks Killa Kans Cowardly Grots test
               3.99 Eldar Fuegan Unquenchable Resolve
4.0 Shooting phase
               4.01 FMC/Zooming Flyers Skyfire?
4.01 IG Orders
               4.01 Signum
               4.01 SM Skyspear Savant Lock counters
               4.01 CSM Daemonforge activation
               4.01 CD Warpstorm table
               4.01 CD The Masque of Slaanesh The Eternal Dance          
               4.1 Shoot/Run/Turbo-boost/Flat out units in turn
                              4.11 Must attempt to restore unit coherency
               4.2 Split Fire
               4.2 Blessing of the Omnissiah / CSM Master of Mechanisms
               4.2 IG Enginseer Awaken the Machine
               4.2 Ork Mek’s Tools/Da Fixer Upperz
               4.2 SM Sergeant Telion Voice of Experience
4.2 Auspex
4.2 SM Stalker Servo-tracking
4.2 CD Blasted Standard
               4.2 Shooting sequence (p.30)
                              4.21 After “Choose a Target” and before “Roll to Hit”: Jink?
                              4.22 After wounds generated but before saves taken: Go to ground?
                              4.23 After wounds taken: Pinning test?
                              4.23 CSM Chaos Boon table
                              4.298 Eldar Vectored Engines
               4.99 Grounding tests
               4.99 Dark Angels Conversion Field/Displacer Field
               4.99 Blind tests
               4.99 CD Warpflame
               4.99 CSM Daemonforge check
               4.99 Eldar Death Mission counters
               4.99 Eldar Fuegan Unquenchable Resolve
               4.99 Orks Killa Kans Cowardly Grot test
               4.99 Morale tests for 25%+ casualties
5.0 Assault phase
               5.01 SM (BT) High Marshal Helbrecht Crusade of Wrath
               5.1 Assault sequence (p.44)
                              5.11 CD Blasted Standard
                              5.119 CD Beasts of Nurgle Attention Seeker
                              5.12 Start of Fight sub-phase – issue/accept/refuse challenges
                                             5.121 Eldar Stalker
                                             5.121 Eldar Shield of Grace
                                             5.121 SM (BT) Emperor’s Champion Slayer of Champions
                                             5.122 Eldar Disarming Strike
                              5.12 Start of own Fight sub-phase – Glorious Intervention?
                              5.12 Start of Fight sub-phase – Fear tests
                              5.12 CD The Changeling Formless Horror
                              5.12 CSM Possessed Vessels of Chaos table
                              5.12 CSM Chaos Spawn Mutated Beyond Reason table
                              5.12 CSM Mutilator weapon selection
                              5.12 IG Minstorum Priests War Hymns
                              5.12 CD Plague Banner
                              5.12 CD Rapturous Standard
                              5.12 CD Eternal Blade
                              5.12 CD The Doomstone
                              5.13 CSM Chaos Boon table
                              5.13 CSM Dimensional Key
               5.1 Jet Pack thrust moves
               5.1 Eldar/Dark Eldar jetbike move
               5.99 Grounding tests
               5.99 Dark Angels Conversion Field/Displacer Field
               5.99 Blind tests
               5.99 Hit & Run tests
               5.99 Orks Killa Kans Cowardly Grots test
               5.99 Eldar Fuegan Unquenchable Resolve
               5.99 Eldar Death Mission counters
               5.99 CSM Daemonforge check
               5.99 CD Remove Skull Cannon Dreadskulls markers
               5.99 CD Warpflame
               5.99 CD Riftbringer
               5.99 CD Souleater
6.0 The end of your turn
               6.1 It Will Not Die
               6.1 Soul Blaze

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