Sunday, January 14, 2018

Workbench reorganization, Scythiak tanks

With the help of a bunch of fingernail polish racks I reorganized my paints and such to be more readily accessible, and hopefully put back where they belong.

When we had some warmer weather, I also managed to get some spraying in on some Scythiak vehicles.  A Chimera to transport the crusaders and a Dust Tactics walker used as a Hellhound not shown as they're packed up to use in a game later, but more below:

Dust Tactics tanks to be used as Demolishers or Executioners (gun switches out). 

Dust Tactics walker for use as a Basilisk or Hydra (gun switches out). The Hellhound walker is similar, but enclosed, with big flamer on front.


All very much WIP, but I was happy to have the weather to do spraying before we had to retreat back inside for another month.

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