Tuesday, January 23, 2018

WIP Scythiak Vojaki Storm Troopers / Anvil Industry review

I recently was fortunate enough to win a Facebook contest for Anvil Industry and received a squad of figures from their Regiments range.  I just pulled the parts out of their bags and assembled four of them, pictured above.  They're destined to add to my 40K chaos guard army, the Scythiak Usurpation, as Storm Troopers/Scions.  A review follows - I did get the minis for free, but it was not contingent on doing a review or the content of any review.

I've gotten a few parts from Anvil in the past, but never a full squad, and nothing from their regiments line.  I am pretty impressed with the design and the quality.  A lot of thought went into these.  Anvil's site mentions that they are:

  • User Friendly - Where possible components feature a peg assembly system for precise and easy dry fitting and assembly. 
  • High Quality  - We've used the latest digital design methods and highest quality resin casting to achieve incredible levels of detail and quality.

That sounds nice, but it doesn't really click until you see it in action.

Those holes in the bottom of the torsos line up with pegs on the leg pieces, and the holes on the sides of the torso line up with pegs on the arms, letting things fit very well, which can help avoid slippage when positioning, especially with arms.

Not only do the parts of the models fit well but the models are designed to fit well with their bases too.  If you trim off the small connecting part between the "Regiments" blocks, the block itself fits nice and snugly into the base.  It's a little thing, but it makes assembly that much less of a hassle and shows that they thought about that during design and that making things easier was a priority.

The Regiments range is modular, and they do a good job of planning ahead for that, with the same kind of hole/peg design for hands and weapons, allowing you to fit different weapons into different designs of arms.

Plus, they've got cool heads.  No secret amazing design features here, just neat heads, with some variety in the set.  When I was picking out parts, I started with the heads I liked the best and selected the rest of the parts to fit with them.

And here's a back shot of the four built so far.  The power cables for the two on the left have another nice feature making them easy to assemble, with the end being a ball that lets it fit smoothly into the power pack end at multiple angles.  The sword on the officer is from an old Games Workshop Bretonnian kit. 

The quality on the parts is very good.  What flash there was was very minor and feathery, no big chunks that are difficult to remove that you get from some others.  I didn't expect the detail to be as good as it is, like how crisp the energy rifles are or the boot treads.  I'm very happy with these guys and look forward to putting the rest together. 

Even if I had paid for them, I'd be very pleased, and will surely get some more figures and parts from Anvil in the future.  If you're looking for some alternative infantry, check out Anvil!


  1. Very cool! Thanks for the review, I've always thought their stuff looked nice, but wanted a 'hands on' report from someone I trusted, as it were.

  2. Very nice! Anvil definitely makes some quality stuff, great review!


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