Tuesday, May 16, 2017

7th ed wind-down. Space Sharks vs. Blood Angels, terrain and primarch

A few weekends ago I had a little fight with Sam's Blood Angels, 1250pts, one objective each side plus secondaries.  We were playing in the store's new location, and I was going to have a car full of terrain we were bringing back, so took a compact force of terminators and a jump pack squad run as Vanguard vets. Sam had a mechanized force - termies and characters in Redeemer, predator and two tacs in rhinos.

Meanwhile sonofsonsoftaurus and his Ultramarines faced off against Scott's new Ravenwing army.

Vanguard and terminators blow up the land raider and threaten rhino.

Terminators vs. cataphractii, chaplain and custom Mephiston.

It was a bloody affair, but in the end a few terminators managed to survive and hold the field for the Space Sharks!

We then set up a test game of Shadow War, with Sam's scouts against some Sharks standing in as Chaos Marines.  I got shot up a ton and ran away.  I may have knocked down one guy with a flesh wound.  My flamer got close enough to fire, but failed to wound.  Bad day for traitors.

Some gun turrets, made from $1 wood lighthouse birdhouses, with wood thingamabobbers (candle cups) as guns plugging up the hold.  I drilled out a small indent on the top part and painted like a lens.  My image is the top part can raise and lower a bit like a periscope and turn for view independently, while the bottom part with the gun can turn as well, with ammo, etc. underground under the disc.  I debated cutting off the little sticks on top or turning them into some kind of sensor with some silver beads, but decided to just leave them as-is, let people come up with their own interpretations of what they're for.  I think they help add to the castle/battlement look.

On the more complicated spectrum, here's what I've done on Guilliman so far.  Spray gold, some work on sword, started on blue.  So. Much. Blue.

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