Sunday, April 30, 2017

Vraks: A Farewell to Templates

Today Scott came over with his Death Korps of Krieg and we played a 2500pt a side Vraks slugfest, partly as a farewell to 7th edition.  And man, it's good that blast markers are going away in 8th edition because I think we wore ours out in this battle!

We had been working our way through the actual Imperial Armour 5-7 missions, originally intending to play through the whole Vraks campaign, but that fell by the wayside after the first 3 (?) scenarios.  Instead we went with this, with his DKoK against my renegades, represented by my Scythiak Usurpation and assisted by sonofsonsoftaurus commanding my Steel Legion/Merkan 76th figures towards the top of this pic (chaos right flank) (renegades using regular IG rules).  With the Death Korps loaded down with artillery pieces, our only hope was to swarm across no man's land as fast as we could and close with the guns.  The whistles blew and we were off!

Through some good dice and tons of them thrown by blobbed up squads pouring out First Rank Fire shots, we tore through a lot of the Krieg infantry, hopefully clearing the way to storm their trenches on the way to the artillery.

On the far right, a Chimera full of melta-armed veterans followed by rough riders tries to turn the flank.

Death Riders thunder forward to break the enemy momentum and buy the big guns more time.

The riders smash the infantry in no man's land, sending them scurrying back to the trenches.  The chaos riders had been smashed apart by a battlecannon shell, leaving the survivor fleeing to the rear, in no position to counter-charge.

The cannon-less Hellhound and the Chimera tank shock through the riders, but they nimbly avoid the tanks.  Still, the armor has reached the next line of Krieg defenses!

On the other side the Ogryn find it slow going, their bulk pulling them down into the mud (repeated poor difficult terrain checks).

Krieg Rapiers continue to pound away at the renegade armor -

- such as the Chimera, which sees the veterans spill out of the flaming wreck.

Looking pretty sparse on the left

and on the right as well.

Meanwhile the Krieg artillery keeps pounding away.  Spawntinels arrive and gradually take out one Earthshaker crew.

And The Little Heretics That Could keep on coming.

The veterans slaughter a depleted Krieg squad and prepare to lay waste to the backline, but are instead evaporated by a succession of bombardments.

And the Scythiak are in the enemy lines!  Platoon command squad charges a heavy bolter and makes it to cover.

Soon a much-depleted Ogryn squad makes it up too and starts to dismantle a Medusa battery.

Engineers with a breaching drill tunnel up, but too late to really affect the battle.  Renegades on the right get blasted to pieces.

Scythiak Eradicator tank falls prey to the Rapiers.

Ogryn continue on the Medusa, while command squad uses its powerfist to wreck a Russ.  Command squad gets gunned down right afterwards.  We call the game at this point, the renegades have a few models in the Krieg lines but not much else left, and Krieg has lost most of its oomph.  The few survivors will hunker down in position while reinforcements are pushed up, to repeat the grind again...and again...and again...

Great game, always great to see two guard armies slug it out.  After the first turn from both sides things thinned out pretty quickly!  Fun, but I look forward to some smaller games ahead, hopefully some Shadow War Armageddon and learning games of 8th edition.

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