Friday, March 24, 2017

Two worlds

My (ir)regular RPG group has played a lot of superhero games in our day, and over time I've bought a bunch of Heroclix figures to use in those games.  Depending on what they have available, I've placed orders with two main places, Troll and Toad and Popular Collections.   

Years ago, as detailed HERE, I ended up entered in a contest at Troll and Toad through an order I made, and didn't realize there even was a contest until I received the prize along with my order.


More recently, this past August, Popular Collections had a Heroclix related contest up on Facebook.  I entered as a lark, and managed to win!  Great!  I sent them my information and waited.  

And waited.

And waited.

I don't keep up with when the various Heroclix sets come out, so figured it might be an issue with that.  Looking online, I saw that the set in question came out some time ago, so I contacted them again, figuring it somehow slipped through the cracks.  Things happen, no worries.

So again I waited.

And waited.

And contact them again, they again say it will be right out, then nothing.


The prize itself isn't even a big deal.  I'm not out any actual money, like from an order that wasn't shipped, but it makes me concerned that if I did have a problem with an order, I would similarly wind up in eternal customer service limbo.  Add to this that in the contest someone else had mentioned that they were still waiting on a prize from an even *earlier* contest, and it seems unfortunately to be a pattern.  It's just disappointing to be promised something and repeatedly let down.

(Facebook messages, with address info removed)
Wow! Thanks so much for the Heroclix prize! Go Black Manta! My address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Congrats James! We have you down and your brick will ship when the Joker's Wild Set is out. Have a good weekend!
Hi, I just wanted to check on this Joker's Wild giveaway; I have not received anything or heard any more since August. Thanks!
Hi James, Our apologies as this should have been shipped months ago. I am checking our shipping records right now to have this figured out for you. No matter what we will get you your Brick of Joker's Wild! I will be in touch by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Thanks, PC
Hi, hadn't heard anything back. Thanks.
Hi James, I spoke with Shipping and went though all records and cannot find record of the shipment which is very strange. I just submitted an order with one of our suppliers and we should have the Joker's Wild Brick in house by mid next week to ship. Until then if you have any questions please email me at any time. Thank you. PC
P.S. Could you please let me now your shipping address?
Hi, any word on this? Thank you.

So...Troll and Toad.  Great site.

UPDATE 04/10/17 - Rather than send me a brick, they've given me a code for credit on an order.  That'll probably work out better anyways as I tend to like the various common figs, and this'll let me order from various sets.  We'll see how the order goes...

UPDATE 05/24/17 - So nothing came.  I got an automated notice on 04/26 saying it had shipped, but without any tracking info.  I emailed 05/17 asking for a status and tracking info.  On the 20th they said they would look into it that weekend, then nothing.  Tonight I disputed the charge and they refunded the extra amount I had paid beyond the credit.  So, not out anything anymore but a very disappointing experience.  

So again - Troll and Toad, great site, check them out for any Heroclix needs you may have, plus they sell a variety of other gaming items.  Collectible figures, cards, RPGs, board games and more.  I fully expect that you'll have a great experience.

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