Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interlude - Heroclix, Junta and stuff - scores galore!

A few days ago, I was sitting on a nice PayPal balance from selling my Tau army, when I got an email in from Troll and Toad informing me that, among other things, they had a number of JUNTA boxes on sale.  Now, Junta is a great game, and for ten bucks?  Sold, even though I will likely never get a chance to play it, it will give me fond memories of games back in college every time I look at the box.  I'd occasionally tried getting an older set off of ebay, but never pulled the trigger given the prices asked.  Score!

While I was there, I inevitably checked out other items and made a sizable order.  I buy a lot of the Heroclix and other prepainted singles that I get from T&T, and even at prices like 49 cents each they can add up fast!

Today the box arrived, and I was a bit concerned about the size.  Did I really go THAT crazy?  Well, let's open that puppy!

 OK, Junta!  So far so good.

Some Silver Age Sentinels books that were a dollar each.  My group doesn't play SAS, but cheap superhero material could come in handy for our Champions, etc. games.

On to the Heroclix!

I won't show all of the massive numbers of singles I got (which include a number from earlier sets which I couldn't find before or were too expensive back when they were "hot", another score!) but here's two of the really fun ones.  Bouncing Boy and the Ventriloquist (a Batman villain, a ventriloquist with a tommy-gun wielding doll as a mob boss) - how could I resist?

But what's this?  A brick of X-men Heroclix?  I didn't order that!  Rooting around for an invoice, I saw a cool note on the other side congratulating me for being the winner of a giveaway on their site!  Apparently my massive Heroclix order entered me into a drawing for the brick, and I was selected.  Another score! Let's crack that open!

I've only ever bought Heroclix in singles, I wonder what the insides of actual boxes look like!  First to be opened was a larger box, and I wondered if I might get a Sentinel, which would be awesome.  No Sentinel, but I did get this guy, who's apparently called Nemesis.  He's a cool figure, one of the figs that really takes advantage of what you can do with the medium, doing transparent figures which is hard to do with traditional plastic or metal minis!  I am also a fan of the concept, the psionic/energy field construct body.

On to the rest of the boxes!  A whole bunch of figs, five to a box, eight boxes worth, another 40 figures!  Among them are some figures I had wanted, but declined to order due to the cost.  Yet another score!

To cap it all off, apparently some of these guys (such as the large Nemesis figure above), a cool Magneto figure, The Captain, and a neat combo fig with Colossus and Wolverine setting up for a Fastball Special are pretty valuable.  If I can get good value out of the extra valuable figures, I could wind up essentially getting the whole order plus a few dozen extra figures from the brick for free.  Mega score!

So go and check out Troll and Toad - great store, great folks!


  1. Yeah, that Marvel Heroclix is Holocaust. Son of Apocalypse in the Age of Apocalypse reality. He was originally human/mutant, but got ganked by the Scarlett Witch, I think, and his essense had to be contained in that suit. During the conclusion of that storyline Nate Grey stabbed him with a shard of the M'Kraan crystal and they were sucked into the actual Marvel Universe where he took up his former name, Nemesis. Cool character. Sadly, underutilized. Of course, you might have already Wiki'd him in which case...ignore me. :)

  2. Actually I didn't see much about him in Wiki, thanks for the info!

  3. WOOHOO! I remember playing Junta very fondly. That's a game I would love to have again, nice score.

  4. @ Lo - I plan to leave it in view where my RPG group can see it, and if we have sessions where not everyone can make it perhaps it will get suggested as an option...


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