Friday, December 20, 2013

Who should I be now? 40K League army choice

We're still hashing out exactly how our next 40K league is going to look, but assuming we can come to some sort of agreement, I was thinking about what army to bring and thought I'd toss it out for my fellow local players and readers in general to weigh in on what they might like to see in the reports here for the next few months.

We're still deciding if we're going to allow the various new stuff (Escalation, etc.) or not, if it will by my mutual player agreement, etc.  We shall see, but I hope that some things at least get brought in, I like seeing odd things and variety.

The candidates:

The Space Sharks - I've played them a couple of times in the local leagues, once as vanilla marines, most recently as Dark Angels.  If I did them again, they'd be running as White Scars for Hit & Run fun.  

The Void Phantoms - Eldar/Dark Eldar Corsairs, my current painting project.  A bunch of infantry with some support in the form of a Wraithlord, Razorwing, and some Warwalkers (and D-cannons).

 Orks - Krumpa's Blood Axes were in one local league.  I certainly have things I could add to them, and if we use Escalation I may finally break down and get or build a Stompa.

Imperial Guard - The Merkan 76th participated in one league, but could certainly return.  After all, the guard has essentially limitless manpower!  I can certainly add some things to them, including potentially a Baneblade if we use Escalation.

The Scythiak - The Scythiak Usurpation, aka Chaos IG, haven't seen league use at the local store yet.  I can certainly add things to them, though the Ogryn and Rough Riders probably won't be the most 6th-ed effective force!  Maybe they'll get lucky and earn favor with their dark gods anyways.

Chaos Space Marines - Three different armies, but based similarly and easy enough to mix together if needed.  Death Guard, Endless Ones, and Word Bearers with a lot of squads and a variety of options.  More can certainly be added - I have a lot of unbuilt CSM stuff sitting around.  If we go for Escalation, I doubt I'd bet a Chaos superheavy, but some extra Havocs or Daemon Princes could see the paint table to take down enemy big gribblies.  They have never featured in the local leagues.

What would folks like to see me work on and feature in battle reports over the next few months?  If you're likely to be in the local league, what would you like to see across the table?  You can see more on a lot of these armies in the Army Profiles tab, though I have been remiss in updating the more recent builds and additions.

Let me know!  Hopefully we'll be getting the new league started sometime in January!


  1. Be who you wanna be B A R B I E - Barbie girl! Sorry, I'm watching Disney Junior here with my kid. Why not challenge yourself? Screw the meta and pick the weakest army to see what you can do with tactics and guile alone!

  2. Make a Baneblade for the merkan, but add a bunch of strong magnets inside so that you can attach pieces to "chaos" it up & do double duty for the Scynthiak.
    I have been wanting to do that for Dark Angels/Fallen vehicles & Imperial armor/Looted wagonz.

    1. Yeah, that would be the efficient way to do it.


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