Wednesday, October 2, 2013

40K Seventh Edition - What's probably coming and what would we like to see?

Sixth edition is a little over a year old now, and there are some good retrospectives and reflections floating around about the first year.  We'll likely see a lifespan of a few more years with this edition, but another one is undoubtedly coming.  Given subsequent releases, what are we likely to see, and what would we like to see?

Unless they do a 2nd->3rd edition style revamp, a lot of the changes introduced in 6th edition are likely to stick around.  Codices have really taken the changes to heart and incorporated them into their design.  Warlord traits, challenges, allies - all are likely to continue.  

Warlord Traits:  While I am pretty sure that they will continue into the next edition, I suspect that they might remove the main rulebook charts, and restrict everyone to their codex specific chart. 

Challenges:  With Chaos and Space Marines (anyone else?) already having specific rules related to challenges and more likely to come, they're getting ingrained.  Too bad they're so wonky.  Again, likely to stay, but hopefully they'll get tweaked to not create such crazy results.  

Allies: With books being able to ally with their own supplements, and now even themselves, and given that it likely drives model sales, I expect allies rules to stick around.  Hopefully with some tweaks.  From what I've seen/read, the main abuses seem to come from getting extra FOC slots and from Battle Brothers effects.  Downgrade Battle Brothers so you won't have characters joining across armies and cross-army buffs, keep the allied FOC restrictions (ie 1 HQ, 1-2 troops, 0-1 all else) but within, not in addition, to the standard FOC and I think you'd see a lot less crazy combos.

Fortifications: They add an extra element to the game, and again drive model sales; expect them to stay.  Hopefully some rules issues  will get ironed out (Skyshield anyone?) and some more variety added including army-specific fortifications.

Any predictions?


  1. First question, will GW still exists?
    With 3D printer and 3D scanner, that are becoming cheaper and more precise, would GW still be able to sell models? Everyone will be able to get a model and copy it.
    OK, that's totally another topics.

    To answer your question.

    6th is also all about Flyers and new Monstruous Creatures.

    Personaly my predictions are:
    Flyers: More intereaction between ground and air, for exemple, Jump pack units will be able to attack them.
    Vehicules: They need to be more survivable in comparaison to Monstruous Creatures and will probably get Hull Points increase.
    Monstruous Creatures: There will be more and more weapons to kill them. Grav-guns just arrive, but I think it's a start and we will see more of those.
    Fortification: It will be the new shiny toy of 7th. I think all codex will get their own fortifications or buildings.
    Assault: Something needs to be done for CC army, we will see with Tyranids and Orks how this will work, but I think some modification needs to be done here.

    2nd edition: With each new edition coming closer to 2nd edition (challenge, overwatch/interceptor, BS modifier, random table, get hots...), I hope also that AP will be remove and we will go back to the old svg modifier.
    Overwatch/interceptor would work more like the old overwatch and every unit will be able to do it.

    1. Agree that there will probably be some flyer/FMC mods, either making them easier to deal with or just cost increases as books get updated (or relative cost increases, with them staying the same as other prices drop).

  2. Agree, GW has no plan to deal with 3D printers. Like regular printers and printing, the "home" version will be good for knocking out a few models or bits, for the "pro" versions it has been discussed that there will be finer detail, color coordination (you like Marines from one of those silly chapters with different colors in each quarter of their armor, you can get them printed that way) and mass price point. Instead, we are seeing hyperfast codex creep with new and more expensive models to buy for each codex. I don't think there will ever be a 7th Edition from GW. From someone who buys out GW's IP? Possibly. From players if GW's IP in gaming terms collapses? Possibly.

    The game system itself is deeply flawed and in need of a total overhaul. Some examples: Certain weapons are "worthless" because of the all or nothing effect of AP vs. AS, when there should be a sliding scale. If a heavy bolter at AP4 knocked 3+ down to 4+, it becomes a lot more interesting. The entire statline issue where apparently all power armor does is allow you to support the power plant backpack and little bit of extra armor. The other statline issue where GW is trapped in the SM S4 T4, Ork S3 T4, Human S3 T3, which relates to the power armor issue above. The pricing of models/wargear that hasn't changed in several editions, despite the fact that they have been nerfed since the original price point was set....see plasma pistols.

    1. I don't know if I'd agree that lower AP weapons are useless - often things like higher ROF and cost are supposed to balance - it's just that the balance isn't done quite right. Heavy bolters should be dirt cheap if not free compared to other options, and plasma pistols...yeah.

  3. I have to say I am loving 6th edition and I don't want it to end! If I had to change something I would give a few more hull points to vehicles to give them more staying power. I'd also add the Mechanicum (and Dark Mechanicum) as playable armies. I know putting out new armies is a financial risk for GW but the amount of conversions and counts-as armies dedicated to the Machine God hint that it would sell.


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