Saturday, September 29, 2018

Meet the Kill Team: Shears of Atropos

With the latest addition of Kill Team we've started into a campaign at one of the local stores.  Without a lot of lead time (got the book Saturday, started campaign Sunday) to make a team from scratch, I flipped through the book and looked at the models on hand, settling on a Chaos Marine team from my Endless Ones.  Above is the Leader, Abraxas.  In our opening game (a three-way against Ultramarines and Deathwatch) he took out the Ultramarines Leader in close combat to fulfill the mission objective.

Barada - Heavy specialist, with modified long-barreled heavy bolter.  (aka autocannon counting as a heavy bolter). Puts out a decent amount of ranged firepower, keeps enemies honest.

Klaatu - Zealot specialist.  He had a bad run-in with a lot of Deathwatch Vengeance rounds up close, but THROUGH HIS FAITH managed to survive after he was recovered.

Nikto - Sniper specialist.  Sniper plasma is fun, pretty safe overcharging vs. Primaris.  In the first mission he took out three marines and came through fine.

Jadu Mantar - non-specialist bolter marine, helped provide cover fire. Got one kill, I believe a Deathwatch marine.

On to the Supplicants, mortals who serve the Endless Ones in hopes of gaining favor:

Ansh - gunner (heavy stubber). When you want to cover somewhere but the heavy bolter is busy.

Ishaan - gunner (flamer).  Sometimes the igniter doesn't function properly, so it's good to carry a backup.

Mohan - one of Klaatu's meatshields adherents.

Vinod - another sacrifice adherent of Klaatu.

Rahul - autogun.  Quiet, reliable, boring.


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