Sunday, July 19, 2015

Capitol Chaoticus and League Pics

One of our local players, Solomon, has been working on a scratch-built Capitol Imperialis that he uses as an army transport.  He brought it along with his Chaos guard force for our new league.  It's still a work in progress, with various weapons and such still to be added.

Front with ramp down, armor ready to deploy!

Rear doors
Rear doors open

I brought the Endless Ones and got in a game with James' Grey Knights/Inquisition and with a new player Jason's Space Wolves.  Good times, but unfortunately my camera battery died near the end of the first game, so no pics of the second.  Some pictures of my and other early games:

Endless ones and associated renegades advance on Inquisitor Rune's position.

Legio Mortis armor pounds away at advancing 13th Company Space Wolves.
Deffskull Orks try to loot some robots while they're still moving.
Grey Knights and Endless Ones mix it up.
Inquisitor Rune and the Endless Ones' sorcerer Barbatos duel at the top of a ruined building.

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