Saturday, December 10, 2011

High Point Games Day 2011 - all over but the backaches!

Well our local Games Day has come and gone, and I'm pretty worn out.  While not as big of a turn out as some of the previous ones, we still had around 25 folks and some fun games going on.  I got in a couple of 40K games, but more on those later after I finish my last paper for the semester!  For now I'll just toss up the pics of the games I wasn't involved in, with batreps to come later in the week.

It was great seeing some folks I rarely get to see these days, great to meet some new ones, and I managed to pic up some loot too.  I got some free bits from Chris that will find their way onto the Space Sharks, and bought a few things - some bits that will find their way onto Scythiak tanks down the road from "D.C." over at The Assault Phase , some books from Chris, and one of the backpacks GW released with Apocalypse, with the swappable Cadian and Chaos labels from Bryan. He had it with the Cadian labels on, but those were swiftly switched out for the more proper Volscani ones!

So, some pics!

Later on, Bobby's Biker Orks against a biker-heavy Dark Eldar army from James.  The Ork bikers had backup from some Skorchas.  The DE bikers had backup from Razorwings.  It worked out better for the DE.

Some BFG all set up, I think Space Marines and Tau.  Unfortunately didn't get played.

The real Vikings football team.

The Cave of Commerce.  I brought a couple of on-sprue Sentinels (I recently bought some assembled and pre-magnetized ones, saving me a lot of work) and a bunch of metal SM scouts, but didn't get any nibbles.  There was a lot of stuff here.  Though the turnout was smaller, I think the stuff and the wheeling and dealing was bigger.  Perhaps being in a smaller space facilitated more shopping.

Want a bunch of old DE?  I think they're still available.  Let Eddie know.

Eldar vs. GK.   Some nice looking GK from what I could see, would have liked to have gotten some closer looks.

WHFB, Brets vs. Empire.

Necrons vs. Dark Eldar.  I believe the DE ended up on top here.

GW Napoleonic game, "Waterloo" or something like that.  This particular battle featured French vs. Prussians.  At one point I had stopped by to chat and was dragooned in to fire the Prussian artillery for a turn, taking out a couple of stands of French infantry.

Later on, I found out that the Prussians won.  I'm sure that those shots were the critical factor. ;-)

Alex's Black Templars, lovely as always.  Spoiler alert, you'll see these guys in one of the batreps later in the week.

Templar tanks.

WHFB, Tony's Ogres against Lizzies.

The Webway.

Keep an eye out for some batreps later in the week, Scythiak vs. Inquisition and Scythiak vs. Black Templars!


  1. cool. GW made a Napoleonic game? must investigate -__- Looked like a lot of fun

  2. All of the Warhammer historical games are on sale for 50% off at thee moment so you might want to check them out soon.


  3. I think I'll start a Chaos British army - the Union Jack is almost a Chaos star anyways.


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