Sunday, November 14, 2010

GameOn Games Day Aftermath

Our local "Games Day" has come and gone, and I think a good time was had by all.  We had 30+ people show up, a number of 40K and WHFB games as well as some historicals (WWI and Flames of War), and some wheeling and dealing.  To those with a number of stores in their area this may not seem like a big event, but our area has been largely denuded over the past few years.  The Hobbytown with its occasional access to 16' of table space is the extent of local public gaming area.  So when we can arrange to get a lot of folks together with the space for it it's pretty special for us.

For my part of the wheeling and dealing, I sold some old rough riders I had made from old Bret knights, warzone figs and some Cadian parts, bought a few Inquisition figs for possible later use with the Scythiak, and got some awesome bits gratis from Tony of The Accursed Crozius - an Emperor's Children lord's backpack that even if I don't end up putting it on Astrakenor (my counts-as Straken) will feature on some Chaos character at some point, and a limited ed Chaos Marauder that will wind up as a hero or a unit champion when I get to my Warriors of Chaos.  My friend John (JVB from some previous batreps) picked up a pretty huge Iron Warriors lot for a song and some other armies changed hands too.  Mike, the new CSM player I had met earlier in the week also picked up a ton more stuff, probably putting him at something like 3000pts of CSM all told.  Diving in head first!

I took Mike through a little demo battle with his Black Reach Marines as CSM against some of my IG.  We left some things out to keep it a little simpler, like not rolling to see if his dread went crazy or not.  He seems to be picking it up pretty quickly, and got to see some of the ups and downs of things like reserves, deep striking, move vs. firing, shoot vs. assault, etc.  I set up first and let him take the first turn.  He set up on my right with the termies in reserve, running over that side of the table but taking a number of casualties from fire.  The terminators came in in time to turn the tide, saving the regular CSM from a lot of fire.  In the end the IG lost all their serious weapons, and fled the field rather than try to take down a dreadnought and terminators with lasguns.

I also got a regular game in with Todd's Tyranids, which I'll put into a later post.

Below are some other pics of games and tables at the event:

Todd's bugs vs. Space Wolves.

Bobby's giant for his WIP Savage Orcs, with a Stegadon helmet:

Some tables and games:

Marine bash

James' Thousand Sons Daemon Prince

Tony's Warriors of Chaos

Flames of War

Ed-dar vs. Noise Marines

World War One, Mess-o'potamia


  1. Stay tuned - you'll see more of it and its friends over the next couple of posts this week.

  2. Hey man, its nice to hear you and your mates were able to pull off your own mini games day. You should contact GW if you run another one and see if they would be prepared to sponsor some prizes/give aways. I remember a few years ago over here in Australia GW would sponsor new clubs with copies of the core systems and terrain. It was part of their PR/marketing. Might be worth a try and wouldn't cost you anything.



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