Monday, October 19, 2009

Dipping - Spray Stain?

I've recently done some "dipping" of figures, namely my in-progress Orks.

For those of you not familiar with the term, it refers to using a wood stain on figures as a shading medium, a quick way to get the effects normally obtained through washes, blending and highlighting. It's loads quicker, looks fine for tabletop, but isn't going to win you any prizes. If you want a Golden Demon, keep practicing those techniques. If you just want to crank an army out, especially if that army is in earthy tones like reds and browns, dipping may be an option.

The initial technique, as indicated by the name "dipping", is to dip the figure into the stain, then shake off the excess. This is obviously pretty messy, so do it outdoors! I've been brushing the stain on instead, and it works fine that way, with a lot less mess.

Yesterday though I heard a friend talk about using a spray stain on some wood. Spray stain? That could make everything even quicker? A quick search and I found this:

Will probably try it out on some figs soon, and will post up the results. Anyone tried it yet on figures?

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