Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hot Chaos on Chaos action!

The Hell Hounds Word Bearers took the field against John's Nurgle Alpha Legion (Plague Hydras?  Infection Alpha?  There's a good name in there somewhere).  We played a Maelstrom mission, with us each having three cards a turn and corner deployment.  In the top right, two rhinos and the daemon prince Garm head to a critical objective while other forces hang back to secure our deployment zone.

The enemy isn't leaving that critical objective undefended - some cultist chaff, a rhino with chosen rush to defend it, and two groups of obliterators teleport in to reinforce them.

Enemy fire pops my Chosen rhino and almost finishes the other tank. The Chosen emerge unscathed.

Meltaguns trim down the obliterators and Chosen charge in.

Regular marines take out cultists and move into the second obliterator squad, but leave the prince open.

The enemy chosen pile out and turn the dials on their plasma guns to 11, taking aim at Garm.

The prince narrowly survives the plasma fusilade, but the chosen charge in to finish him off.

A little too late to save the prince, terminators arrive.

On the other end, another squad of Alpha Legion chosen tangle with chaos marines and cultists.

Terminators make it to the chosen, while Alpha Legion bike lord makes his way over to save the day.

Their elite units wiped out, the lords square off.  With a little help from a timely retreat and a vindicator shell the Word Bearer lord is the last one standing.

On the other end the battle heats up as defiler and helbrute head for each other.

Dodge!  Thrust!  Parry!  In the end, the defiler is triumphant!  But a new challenger approaches!

Namely, the warpsmith! The defiler shrugs off melta shots and makes short work of the interloper.

Despite the defiler's rampage, in the end the Alpha Legion took the win, 8-6.

We had a few other battles raging as well:

Scott's Death Guard against returning (11 year gap) Mike's Witchhunters.

sonofsonsoftaurus's Ultramarines vs. Conor's Necrons.

Leonard's Imperial Fists vs. Terry's Orks.

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