Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Space Sharks: WIP Rhino, Captain, Ironclad

So after using the second Rhino for the league list the other day, I figured I'd make it permanent.  Here's a WIP shot of the front of the new one, with chompy-looking dozer blade and an exhortation to those it's bearing down on.

I didn't have the official struts that the blade is supposed to be attached to, so I made my own with a couple of clipped bits of sprue.  Doesn't look as fancy, but it keeps it in place!

Headlights, lenses, any additional scribbles and transfers and it should be ready for next Sunday.

The captain was completed at the same time the tac squads were, but I didn't put any shots of him up yet.  Not much changed from the earlier WIP shots - some scribbles, base, sealed.  Along with a Whirlwind that's yet to be built he'll be added in at the 750pt level.

He got tired of adding kill markings, and just added "LOTS" at the end.  Shoulder pad reads "NEXT!"

Brother-Ancient Spielberg.  A few touchups and sealed since last pics.

Different angle.  He was completed before I got into the league; at present I don't think he'll be added until the 1250 or 1500 pt level.


  1. So, awesome that I picked up my laptop and through it across the room!

    More jaws, MORE.

    My only suggestion would be to incorporate some red on the Rhino's hull to bring up the eye from the dozer blade. Keep on going nuts with the shark theme. PLEASE

    1. I was thinking of adding more red; we'll see what I may come up with.

      Thanks for the comments!

  2. Lovin' the Sharks, can't get enough of Grey Marines! Your Jetbike Capt screams Space Sharks! Ideal model for your theme, are you going to add a squad of similar bikes? They can be scoring 'troops' if your Capt is on a bike...

    1. Glad you like them; grey 4eva! There's a squad of bikers WIP; can see them in some of the earlier posts, though they're on standard bikes, not jetbikes.

  3. You know that Capt could use a sharks mouth on the front of that bike...

    1. The front of the bike IS a shark's mouth!

      I originally tried painting red or black in the middle in a jagged pattern to try to get the white to stand out more as teeth, but it didn't look right, so went back over and left it all white, but hopefully still evokes teeth.


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