Friday, May 11, 2012

Space Sharks after all - WIP 500pts

At first I was reluctant to take the Space Sharks to the upcoming league, as I would need to build and paint a second tactical squad, plus a drop pod and paint the already-assembled Rhino.  Too much, I thought.  

Then I realized that I didn't need the HQ+2 Troops until the 1000pt level, and that by adding the captain in at 750, the bikers could be magically turned into Troops!  Since most of them were pretty far along, that helped to give me a jump start.  By adding the attack bike in to the unit, I could get close to the 500pt early level.

The tactical squad I have built was intended to be the drop-pod borne one, but I have temporarily given them the Rhino instead, and swapped their melta and multimelta out for two newly-built guys with missile launcher and flamer.  Later on I'll build the rest of the real rhino squad and return the bulk of the squad to pod duty.  The stormbolter on the second-hand rhino had previously broken off, and while looking for a replacement part decided to stick a heavy stubber on it instead as a counts-as version.  Looks more impressive IMO.  The loadout also includes a dozer blade/ram and a hunter-killer missile, which will be added later (and I plan to keep the HK loose since it's disposable anyways).

The attack bike was also quickly built and added to the bike squad, awaiting paint details.

For these guys, the bladefin is pointing forwards as there's less risk of slaughtering the crew.  Also conveniently serves as kind of a shield from one angle.  The lower blades are metal parts from an old Chaos biker.

Hopefully I should be able to get these done in time for next Sunday, or at least done enough to use.  After that, there's a month to do the next stage, which will be finalizing the Captain and building a Whirlwind.

Da dum...


  1. Awesome! Love the Attack bike!

  2. Thanks Dai!

    I haven't put one together before, and was a bit worried about it, but they designed it really well; goes together very smoothly.

  3. hey can you email me how you got that shade of grey? Im doing something similar for a new chaos army when they come out.... kevinmcd28 at gmail dot com

    1. Simple enough: black base, GW Adeptus battlegrey (darkish grey), sloppy brush over of Reaper propaint granite grey (light grey), black wash.

      Look forward to seeing your Chaos guys later!

  4. Cool. I am also working on 500pt force for a Badaab war escalation league/campaign. I'm working on the Raptors myself. Best of luck to you!

  5. I really like the grey you have there. I'm sure you can finish up those guys before the weekend, as my friend keeps telling me, "Just put some dam paint on it already".

  6. ...and, I'm an idiot.

    In my haste to get these guys in with the captain making the bikers troops, I forgot that duh, that's not retroactive, so the bikers violate the league rules at the 500 and 750pt levels. Will have to either do the second tac squad and pod after all or take something else for the league...

  7. I feel your pain, I have been number crunching and list building around the league restrictions to get something fun to play and fight against.



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