Thursday, May 3, 2012

Space Sharks WIP Ironclad

Jaws - "Eat or be eaten"

Venerable Brother Spielberg, WIP. There are transfers on each shoulder, still needs to be touched up a bit and sealed.

On another note, I'm finding blogger's changes to be rather annoying. It won't even let me type in the compose field, have to do in the HTML box. Pfft.


  1. LOLin' at the name.

    Luvin' the writing on the shinguard.

  2. "I think you're going to need a bigger army."

  3. I've seen some Shark Dreads online with LEGO? heads to make it look like a shark, but that may be a little too much for me.

    One could say that it "jumps the shark."

  4. Nice one! Always loved the old school graffiti look that marines in the RT era decorated their armor with, that's a great callback. Is that an Ogre belly plate on the front? Thinking it might be ideal bit for use with my World Eaters...

    1. @Gigawatts - yeah, for me too. I've had to resist going too sharkey. The fact that it takes less work is a plus. ;-)

      @Mordian7th - Thanks! The RT throwback graffiti is definitely intentional. Yes, that's an Ogre gutplate. Would work well for WE I'd think, just paint the planet on the interior, would look good on vehicles, I've also seen one used as a banner...


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