Sunday, May 27, 2012

League Week 2 Picture Dump

First of all, here's a little terrain piece I whipped up to leave at Gaming Underground.  Based on a Costco lettuce container, just a couple of hatches and an Apocalypse antennae glued on, sprayed metallic and rusty, sealed and done.

We had another big turnout for the league this week.  Almost everyone from last time returned and we had a few more players join in as well.

To the best of my recollection, we had:

My Space Sharks Space Marines
Landon's Hammers of Ornus Space Marines
Leonard's Orks (Deathskulls)
Will's Chaos Marines (switching from Orks)
Tickle's Chaos Marines (switching from Daemons)
Dustin's Orks (Evil Sunz)
Scott's Sisters of Battle
????'s Necrons
Jim's Dark Eldar
James' Chaos Marines
????'s Altaioc Eldar
I got in two games again this week, before having to leave to make it to a birthday party for one of my son's classmates.  My games were against Landon and Leonard, same as last week.  While I enjoy playing both of them, it was a little disappointing to keep playing the same people; a big part of the appeal of the league to me was getting to play a variety of folks.  Maybe next time!
Pics of other games below; pics of my own games to come later on.

Dustin's Orks

Landon's marines vs. DE - another repeat match from last week

Orks vs Necrons.  Dig the new Wraiths.

Sisters of Battle spearhead deploys, preparing to battle Chaos Marines
Tickle's Chaos Marines preparing to deploy against Eldar
Orks advance against the tin'eads
Tricky CSM with a mock demolisher cannon on the front of their Rhino
The Scythiak's Astrakenor the Accursed reaped a great toll while on loan to Will's CSM

Another shot of the Marine/DE game
DE square off against newly arrived CSM
Eldar vs. Chaos

Hope to see everyone again next week; my own battles should be up later tonight!


  1. The Sisters had a little better results against the Necrons, I learned there is no way a half dozen Repentia are going toe to toe with a Berserker squad. I had a great time, even with two losses to one win. I did manage to recapture the control point I lost so I am back even on my planet.


  2. Good pics of good looking tables!

  3. Good to hear Col!

    Yep, and they keep adding terrain; I have been bringing in a table plus so far, but hopefully soon they'll be able to cover a lot of tables on their own.

  4. One thing about terrain, The natural predator defensive choice in the league rules, where you get 3d6+3 extra terrain pieces to use as predator lairs. I started doing some thinking and if you are the defender, this is probably the best one to take. Average rolling with 12 pieces of terrain would leave the attacker little way to move across the board with out being attacked every movement. Next time I think I am going to bring my bag of bottle brush evergreen trees and use this advantage if I am the defender.



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