Sunday, May 20, 2012

League Start - Lineup and Picture Dump


 The league at Gaming Underground started up today, with eight players in attendance.  We had:

Me - Space Sharks Space Marines
Mike - Space Marines ( I *think*  they're going to be Raven Guard?)
Tickle - Daemons (Khorne/Tzeentch so far)
Landon - Hammers of Ornus Space Marines
Will - Orks
Justin - Thousand Sons CSM (with some World Eaters help)
Leonard - Orks
Jim Bowen - Dark Eldar

There should also be another CSM and a Sisters player joining, perhaps more.

We got in two rounds today, as well as an unofficial 2v2 game later in the day.  Here's some shots of some of the games I wasn't in below; shots of my own games to come in another post later tonight or tomorrow.


CSM vs. Mike's Marines
DE vs Will's Orks.  DE won this one, but it included what I consider the most epic moment of the day; the Ork warboss pulling down a Ravager mid-flight with his power klaw.  Rawr!
Landon's Marines vs. Daemons

Mike's Marines vs. Will's Orks.

Daemons vs. Leonard's Orks.  Came down to just the Warboss left vs. Herald of Khorne on crusher (I think), Warboss edged it out in the end!

Earlier moment in the Daemon/Ork match, before the 30-strong mob got chewed up.
Early in the DE/CSM match

Jim's DE, Necrons he brought in case someone needed a loaner army, and a papercraft dungeon crawl game he's working on.
Justin's CSM.  I think that Dr. Pepper is Khornate and Mtn Dew is Tzeentchian, but it might be the other way around.

Space Shark action in the next post, stay tuned!


  1. Hey Sons,

    I go off call tomorrow and plan to get by the shop and pay the league fee. I plan to bring the Sisters next Sunday. I guess I need to start working on lists to fight Space Marines.


  2. Power armor was only half the field today, but if it kills marines, it'll kill Orks too!

  3. whens the times everybody usually is there/leaves. can i play even if im not in the league? is it on Sundays?

  4. They open at 10. I hope to be able to make it at least every other Sunday and stay till 1-2. Others I'm sure will stay longer.

    I don't see why you couldn't play even if not in the league, just on the league day (Sunday) it might be harder to find people to play if they're busy with those games. But if you think you can make it out on a semi-regular basis, you should get into the league.

    The official league day is Sunday, and gets bonus points (1 extra) for games played on that day. You can play other days and still count for the league though.


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