Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fly me to Terra first


 Beasts of War just broke some details of the alleged flyers coming out, a Necron flying crescent thing, three Ork Waaaghplanes (probably with one kit, just different weapon options) and a Space Marine Storm Talon gunship.

The marine one doesn't really interest me at the moment, IMO it fills the same role as landspeeders, why have something different?  Meh.  The Ork ones though will have to be purchased!

With a number of the rules they have, plus things that have come out in the last few books, I'm more convinced that at least some of the leaked "Prisoner" set is fairly close to the mark.

Strafing runs.

Storm Talons having a special rule to help protect other deep striking units - making me think that the changes to deep strike and defensive fire/overwatch are more likely.

Other rumors also pointed to other fliers, like Chaos, perhaps there will be another wave of releases later.

Look forward to the Ork flyers, more info on 6th, and more Chaos info!

For more info, check your regular rumor sites soon! (like Faeit 212 which has details).

Also supposedly 6th ed due July 7th (with rules leaks due in the next month or two), and starter set in September.


  1. My Raven Guard will look all the sexier backed up by that flyer.

  2. Oh thank god If the deepstrike rules are true bring on jump pack and terminator deepstrike armies time for some fun!

  3. @Impcommander, Dai - No doubt!

    @jpAdams - I enjoy that sort of stuff too. Though from what Natfka, who probably listened longer and more closely than I did is saying, the deep strike escort rule may just be that it shows up at the same time. Which is still nice.

  4. Sell the Ork bombas with reprints of the "Deff Squadron" comic and I will be one happy man.


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