Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hommlet and Beyond? RPG interlude

My regular (though infrequent) RPG group got together the other weekend and we were surprised by getting thrown into the above module (The Village of Hommlet), modified for 3rd Ed D&D and adjusted for 5th level PCs.  I was rather stoked about this and hope this will turn into a regular continuing feature.


Though I've played RPGs and D&D since the early 80's, I never really went through many modules.  In Search of the Unknown and Keep on the Borderlands, and part of some Dragonlance module once, but that's about it.  I had heard that a lot of them, namely the Slavers series, the Giants series and the Drow series link together, and had wanted to do an old-school campaign with them, either as player or GM and had mentioned this to Nathan, who apparently liked the idea and ran with it!  I think Hommlet is the first step down that epic path, which would please me to no end. 

We had pre-generated characters that we picked randomly, and I ended up with a halfling fighter (perhaps the guy on the cover?  Maybe he took included pregens and modified them, I don't know).  We've found our way to a ruined keep in the swamp, fought giant frogs and hacked our way through zombies, bandits and assorted humanoids and are hopefully closing in on the big cheese for this section. 

In other RPG news, with my life leaving me some more free time, I may be re-starting my own D&D game too, getting the party fresh from saving Maghribia and move them into the campaign finale in Mogambia, homeland of Prince Zuhuru.  Gnolls, ghouls, demons and more ahead!

Another friend John  has been talking about wanting to start some Savage Worlds Deadlands, and schedules permitting that may be on the table sometime too.  Maybe Sawed-off Sam, the ornery red-headed midget with a shotgun will make an appearance...

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