Friday, May 4, 2012

Free sci-fi skirmish rules

Screwed Up Dice posted a heads-up about Mongoose putting their Judge Dredd minis rules up for free download, and I wanted to pass it along!  I haven't read them yet but I would expect them to be a decent small scale shoot-em-up set.

The Mongoose minis are also pretty cool, I thought about getting some gangers a while back for use in my Scythiak, and they have lots of other mutants, apes (alternative Jokaero perhaps?), and of course Judges (could make for a fun alternative commissar). 

So go download them, pop open a bag of Umpty Candy and give 'em a read!


  1. Thanks for the link! I probably have enough old Necromunda and Mutant Chronicles mini's to set up a game of Judge Dredd, but I'll havta get some Judge figures, they're so freaking cool!

  2. @Impcommander - innit?

    @Alex - Excellent!


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