Sunday, May 27, 2012

Space Sharks League Battles Week 2


Game one vs. Leonard's Deathskull Orks.  Primary mission table quarters (for reference, the bastion is in the middle of the map), secondary mission kill points.

He was attacking, which by the league rules gave me two special battlefield conditions to choose from.  I chose the obvious one, "Hostile Terrain" which makes everything one step up worse for the attacker - open becomes difficult, difficult becomes dangerous, dangerous becomes impassible.  Really nasty, and one I think should be done away with.  As long as it's there to be used against me though, I'll use it myself!  I couldn't bring myself to tack on the additional movement-based one against a footslogging Ork horde, so instead for my second option chose the one that gave me +1 to leadership checks and him -1 to his.

The hostile terrain really slowed the big mob down, and his deffkoptas each took a wound over the course of the game from flying around bumping into things.  I don't look forward to that as my assault marines and bikers come online. 

Ork force wheels right as Space Sharks lurk.

And then pounce!  Bolters unleash a hail of shots at the koptas, but they survive the fusilade and move back. Later, longer range aimed shots will break them, and the last kopta dies to a dangerous terrain check while falling back.

The Waaaaghhh! is called, and the Warboss with a series of good rolls manages to make it to the disembarked Space Shark squad.  The regular marines get a wound past his defenses, but the sergeant's power fist is foiled twice by the Warboss' cybernetic defenses.  The marines are not so lucky, and over the course of a few rounds get mushed by the boss' power klaw.

Mob moves forward while other Shark squad moves up along other side, squad holding one quarter while Rhino arcs around to move into the Ork home quarter.

Warboss claims one quarter, Ork home quarter contested, marine squad and rhino control the other two.  Primary mission to Space Sharks, secondary (Kill Points) tied 1-1, minor victory to the Sharks!

On to game two!

Space Sharks against Hammers of Ornus.  This time the Sharks are attacking and get to be on the receiving end of the Hostile Terrain, as well as the other movement affecting condition (-1 to all my movement, +1 to his).  Primary mission is 3 Seize Ground type objectives (the smaller, 25mm bases), secondary mission is two Capture and Control type objectives (in home deployment zones - the larger, 40mm bases). Sharks set up in combat squads to be able to cover more objectives, with missile launcher demi-squad ready on overwatch.

Attack bikes get taken out by krak missile fire.

As does one of the Space Shark transports.  The exploding tank takes three of the five passengers with it.

Double-stormbolter rhino lays some dakka down on the multimelta squad, killing two marines, but the rest hold firm.  It's fun at the low points levels seeing some things that would be basically ignored in larger games become major threats.  That thing pumps out four bolter shots and has AV11!  Priority target!

On the other side, the Sharks move up towards the far objectives.  Two half-squads and the librarian move to meet them and try to pop the tank but are foiled by smoke launcher cover...for now.

Sharks drive over and flame a couple marines to death, but it is not enough.

Meltagun takes out the Rhino this time, but everyone inside makes it out and use the wreck for cover.  They move up to try to take the fight to the Librarian's squad, but the terrain conditions slow them down too much and are left with some ineffective fire and being stuck in the open.  Psychic flame from the Librarian's Avenger power and massed bolter fire wipe the squad out in short order, while the Librarian's escort leaves him to cover an objective.

End game, Hammers of Ornus win primary mission 2-1, draw on secondary mission.  Minor loss for the Sharks!

I had a good time, two good games against good players.  I do dread the times going forward as the attacker; there are some serious obstacles to get over.  Depending on the mission types it could make for very hard games as the attacker.

Next time!

Edit 5/28: Also be sure to check out Colkillgore's reports about the Sisters of Battle games.


  1. Nice battle rep.

    Is your league using homebrew rules or something from GW?

  2. The league rules are a homebrew they came up with.

  3. Rules weighted for the defender, will make your victories as the attacker all the sweeter.


  4. Although all those movement nerfing options really sound frustrating!


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