Thursday, May 17, 2012

Space Sharks WIP - first 500pts-ish

Some WIP shots of the first part of my force for the upcoming league at Gaming Underground.  Two tac squads, one in Rhino, one in Drop Pod.  I imagine that I will probably combat squad the Rhino squad more often than not, at least at early levels.

Thought I had some parts set aside for this squad, didn't see them, went ahead and built it with other pieces.  Of course after I got done, found the bag.  Oh well, maybe there's a third tac squad in the Sharks' future.

Sarge with old CSM powerfist, bad mutha with RTB01 missile launcher.

Drop Pod squad.  I left the pod very bare; view it more as a munition than a true vehicle.  Basic grey, some metallics, black scorch marks, wash.  

Even though I was using Ron's excellent Drop Pod Tutorial over at From the Warp, I decided not to include the interior bits with the harnesses and such.  Way too much detail for what I wanted out of it, and open it's easier to justify it as a dreadnought pod if desired.  

So these guys are ready for the league AFAIK, but I plan to do some more details and get them based in the near future.  For the next point jump I already have the captain close to done, just need to finish him off and then build and paint a Whirlwind.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I really enjoy the look of your mix of RT/2nd ed, current and Chaos models.

  2. Thanks Ubberdorc! While I enjoy painting too, the kitbashing is even more fun.

  3. Done a great job there mate. Really like the savage appearance of these guys.

  4. Thanks Dai! Savage is definitely what I was going for; glad it comes across!

  5. They look good. I am working to get mt Sisters to three colors to start the league too.



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