Thursday, December 2, 2010

Worst GW model product ever, and redemption

People may talk about the old Dark Eldar figures, the metal Possessed CSM, Nagash or others as the worst figures GW ever produced,  but for me it's the frikkin' clear flying stands that stand out as the worst.  They're so pitiful that they break off in plastic Tau drones.  A DRONE.  It's not like I'm trying to balance a Titan or something on there, give me a break!  No, not that kind of a break, GAH!

But help is on the way! In case you may have missed it during all the recent hoopla about the new Dark Eldar models themselves, the flitty ones like Raiders and Reavers came with another little surprise - redesigned flying bases.  I don't have any myself yet, but I'm glad they're here.

Rather than the little peg on the old ones that frequently breaks, these look more sturdy and the ball and socket design should also help avoid breakage plus allow for easier cool angling of the models.  While you could always come up with a custom solution (I used to drill bigger holes in my gravtanks to have them sit further down on the pole in a more stable spot), magnetize, etc. it's nice to have a pretty good stock option.  They also had (have?) fiddly little multi-piece ball and socket bits that fit on the regular stand, but those were at least as bad about breaking.  The new ones look like they bypass much of the fiddlyness. 

Unfortunately the new posts won't work with older models without modification (ie make an appropriate socket for the ball to fit in) and I don't think GW is selling the new ones directly yet.  Hopefully as time goes on and other skimmers and jetbikes get redesigned they'll all share the new ball and socket format, so someday regular Eldar, Tau, Land Speeders and others can all join in on the fun.  It's only taken a couple of decades to get to this point, hopefully the follow-up will be a bit faster!


  1. Hmmm... Thanks for pointing this out, I would have missed the new flyer stand otherwise.

    But I guess the new Dark Eldar jetbikes still use the old stand?

  2. @Ergotoxin - Unless I'm misremembering what I saw, I believe that the Reaver Jetbikes are on new ball and sockets. I haven't seen them myself but I would suspect that the Hellions are as well. Raiders/Ravagers definitely.

    @The Antipope - Opah!

  3. Nice! I'd love to have these for my deffkoptas...

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  5. Yeah but as I recall, the old landspeeder had a ball & socket mount that was terrible causing most everyone to discard it (leading to its discontinuation I believe). Also have a large socket mount under a BFG escort (and yes I know that's not a widely popular game) would look kinda dumb.

  6. Worse than Nagash? Perhaps you go too far... That model was hideous!

    That aside, I feel your paint on the flying bases, but have you considered magnetizing them? Back to Base-ix sells some decent looking pre-magnetized bases, but I prefer to convert my own.

  7. @DMC - Indeed, as noted their was the old style fiddly ball and socket attempt, but it still relied on a fragile peg to connect it to the vehicle.

    @WH39999 - the choice was made easier for me for never having owned Nagash. ;-) Indeed, there are ways around it, but anything that cuts out unnecessary work for me I approve of.

  8. What was wrong with the giant undead clow... never mind.

    Our local club has a chap who's made these fancy flying bases that are basically a hollow tube on a base, and a long thick pin that attaches to the bottom of the model in the traditional fashion. The one then slots securely inside the other for snap-free gaming, although they do spin like hell. Apparently he's working on that too...

  9. While I can't comment about the terrible quality of the original models (judging by your accounts, they must be horrid!), I can comment about Dark Eldar themselves.

    I've had the misfortune of playing against a friend, and his little Dominatrix Army. He has succeeded in giving my poor Khorne based CSM's a walloping at least 4 times now....

    Kharn is bowing his head in shame.

  10. @Von - sounds like a plan.

    @Diggler - It's just a ploy to get captured so they can wreak havoc back in Commoragh.

  11. Hellions, Reavers, Raiders and Ravagers all have the new bases. Yes they are less prone to breaking, yes they allow for more dynamic poses, but they have to be glued in place. They will not stay at all unless they are.


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