Monday, May 7, 2012

Space Sharks Bikers WIP

Some more WIP shots of the bikers, complete squad.  Some more highlights, some scribbles, basing, etc. still to come (though will probably wait and base all the figs at once).

Left side view, with World Eater surplus maw shoulder pads.

Right hand side, with chapter symbol transfers.


  1. I am half-way tempted to paint Fighter jet style tiger teeth on my bikes somewhere.

    The Dark Eldar bits really bring it together with the World Eater shoulder pads.

    I dub these Jawesome.

    It makes me sad that FW dropped the head stripe from the Carcharodons. It really breaks up the grey well.

  2. I was tempted to do some fighter-type teeth on some beakies, but my attempts were rather pitiful and quickly abandoned.

  3. Nice bike squad. I keep contemplating getting some as well. The wheel arches definitely need some freehand on them.

  4. Chapter symbols look a little teeny, otherwise I like these very much. Use of the WE shoulderpads was a good idea!

    1. Went back and re-did them with the larger transfers - they fit, and indeed do look a good deal better.

  5. @Silar - thanks!

    @Dai - yeah. I was worried that the next size up looked a little large, but may try one and see how it turns out next.

  6. I like these, I don't whether to make "vroom-vroom" noises or snarling sounds.

  7. No reason you have to choose Chris!


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