Monday, October 22, 2012

Endless (Ones) Possibilities
Playing around with the Chaos Marine book some more, tinkering with the list ideas I had for the Endless Ones.

I was going back and forth on some options, like whether to run bikers or raptors, and ended up deciding to just make them both and swap them around as desired.  I went further down that line, coming up with some things that could provide a good baseline, with a few swap options and some different options to take things up to higher points levels.  

HQ - Sorcerer, level 3, jump pack, meltabombs, sigil of corruption, spell familiar - 170

or  Sorcerer as above but on bike instead of jump pack and melta bombs - 170
Run with raptors or bikers.  I think I'm currently leaning towards bikers for possibility of Invisibility + jink.  Spell familiar for perils protection; lots of Eldar trickery in these parts.

Troops - 10xCultists, flamer - 55 (x3)

Cheap scorers, probably frequently in reserve to walk on to objectives near my table edge.
10xCSM, +CCW, 2xplasma guns, Icon of Vengeance -215
10xCSM, +CCW, 2xmelta guns, Icon of Vengeance -205

More solid midfield scorersI'm still pretty leery of icons in 6th with sniping possibilities, but will hopefully let me ignore the first few checks.  At present leaving champs bare, hoping the extra attacks from the squad in general will pay off more.  Will make some extra power sword figs to swap in if points allow.  Potential to drop icons for Rhinos at +10pts/unit, but think will try without Rhinos at first to avoid giving away First Blood as easily.
10xBikers, 2xmelta, champion melta bombs, power sword, Icon of Vengeance- 275

12xRaptors, 2xmelta, champion melta bombs, power sword, Icon of Vengeance- 279

Escort sorcerer, get to enemy's side and cause problems.
6xWarp Talons, mark of Tzeentch - 226

More jumpy guys, marine killers.  Not always in list, sometimes swap in in place of defiler.
7xHavocs, 2xML with flakk, 2xautocannons - 171

Fire support, some anti-flyer capability.  I love the quad-gun, but since it doesn't join the unit firing it, it's just so vulnerable if the enemy has long-range power.  The havocs are basically the same cost as Aegis+quad gun+5-man CSM squad, and I think the havocs probably degrade more slowly, keeping their firepower longer.  Interceptor sure would be nice though!  Hopefully in some lists I can have both.
Predator (autocannon), lascannon sponsons - 115
Fire support.

Defiler, dirge caster, power scourge - 225
Fire support and big scary distraction.  Probably charge up behind bikers/raptors, use cannon to help clear the way and then charge leftovers if still alive.
5xTerminators, Chainfist, powerfist, heavy flamer, 2xcombi-melta - 196
+dedicated transport Land Raider, dirge casters, havoc launcher - 247

Mostly for when bump list up, thought terminators might be drug in at lower levels from time to time.  Another element to throw at enemy, probably leading the way with bikers/raptors behind the raider.
Sample 1500pt list

Bike Sorcerer 170
Bike squad 275
CSM plasma squad 215
CSM melta squad 205
Cultists 55
Cultists 55
Predator 115
Defiler 225
Havocs 171
+Veterans of Long War for Havocs 7pts
+Warpflame gargoyles for Defiler 5pts

To 2000
+Jump pack sorcerer 170
+Raptors 279
-raptor champ meltabombs -5
+3rd cultist squad 55


+Terminators and Land Raider 443
+3rd cultist squad 55


  1. I like it! Simple, noncommittal to any one Chaos Power, just one sorcerer and his fast and furious band of thugs, along with a solid troop base and heavy support. Nice! I'm trying to resist the new lure of chaos myself... This post ain't helping...

  2. It looks like a solid list. It seems I am going to have to put my defiler together, they appear to be the new hottness.


  3. Thanks. I like the idea of a lot of marks or cult troops, but it comes at the cost of bodies and units. I'd love some noise marines with cover-ignoring weapons, khornate bikers blowing through terrain with a ton of attacks and so on. Pay a lot of points for situational abilities; would generally rather have more all-round ability if possible.

    I'll still make the plague marine/zombie etc. list down the road and the Tzeentch daemon/possessed army, but want something more stable as a core.

  4. @Col - I don't know about the new hotness, just a cool model and something to reach out with on turn one and keep people honest.

  5. Still waiting for more knowledgable type than me to work possessed into a workable list entry. So much potential for them to be amazing, I'm sure of it.

  6. I like it! I am a fan of actual chaos marines in lists. I've used the Defiler twice now and must say it been pretty awesome. It only died in once in two games, the new buffs really help.

  7. @Dai - I like possessed too, but I think you really need to adjust the list to make them work, providing some fast and AT options to let them do their job, munching infantry.

    @Big Jim - I wonder how the general de-meching and de-ATing will affect survivability of the tougher stuff that remains.

  8. Oh my, Sorcerers with jump packs... i really must get this book

  9. You could do that with the old book too...just very few bothered to take sorcerers at all, or jump pack units to escort them.


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