Friday, March 5, 2010

White Dwarf Delays?

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What's up with White Dwarf these days?

For at least the past few months - maybe longer, but I've only really been paying attention the last few months - I've been getting my WD subscription three weeks AFTER the copies come into the local store, not "Early - subscription copies are sent out to arrive before the magazine hits the stores" as GW claims on their subscription page.  

At first I just thought I was unlucky, but lately I've heard from other subscribers both locally and elsewhere that they're having delays as well.

How about you?  If you're a White Dwarf subscriber, post a comment as to how long the delays have been, when they started if you can remember, and where you're at (state or country).


  1. It's been a problem for me, as well as several folks I know, for over six months now.

    At this point, it's like I have *two* subscriptions. I call GW about two weeks after I see the new issue in the store to complain. Instead of fixing whatever process screwup they've got, they send me another copy... both copies inevitably show up within days of each other.

    I should just have my subscription moved to the store, but that's inconvenient, and I can't shake the paranoid suspicion that that's the whole reason for this.

  2. I got my February issue just yesterday. Ridiculous!

  3. The more important question to ask: why is anyone still buying White Dwarf?

  4. The last few months I've been getting my copies almost the next month, like you said three-plus weeks from the time they showed up on store shelves.

    Last month's issue (Beastmen) just didn't ever arrive, so I eventually just bought it at the shop. A couple of days later the new issue was out on store shelves.

  5. I used to get my WD issue around the 25th of the month before and now I am lucky to get mine in the first week of the month. My calls to GW customer service got a " It is on its way and should show up in a week or so." My current subscription runs out in a few issues and I am doubting if I will renew it.

  6. NC, Virginia, Idaho, Malaysia...OK I guess this is pretty widespread.

    I'm in the same boat as ColKillgore, with my subscription running out, and if they keep promising early and delivering late I seriously doubt I'll keep it.

  7. Got a reply from Customer Service:

    We apologize for the lateness of White Dwarf, we are working to have it arrive on time to all subscribers. You should never receive your copy more than a week and a half after the store gets it. Please contact us if you ever do not receive your White Dwarf issue by the first Saturday of the month.


  8. Got my issue yesterday, March 13th.

    Folks on Warseer were reviewing it (presumably from store copies) on February 24th.


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