Monday, July 26, 2010

The Scythiak Usurpation - first "recruits" plus new Primaris (WIP)

Thanks to all who've responded to the call so far!  For those who haven't responded yet, there's still plenty of guys to name, so check out the link and see who you'd like me to name after you.

Here's who we have so far, aside from the previously-named guys like Astrakenor and Khonan. 

From the left, we have:

KILLGORE!, the Minotaur leader of the Chaos Ogryn, in tribute to ColKillgore.

Warchief "Papa" JJ.  May he be as generous in dealing death as the real Papa JJ is in giveaways!

Gyro, Prince of the Steppes, Tramplemaster.  May his battles be as varied as Gyro's own.

"Khorne Dog", techno-barbarian squad leader.  Coming to you courtesy of Da Masta Cheef.

Mors Vaul, Warpmaster, overseer of the sorcerer coven, brought to you by An Enemy.

On the far right is another sorcerer, the old "Hess Poisonbreath" that I forgot I had, but tossed into the mix.  He'll be another option for a Primaris Psyker, and is available for naming.

So far I've just been hitting figs with initial washes, and trimming some more flash and mold lines, especially as they become more evident  to my poor eyes after washing.  After I get everybody washed, painting will commence, with possible breaks for vehicle modeling.


  1. Ooh! Ooh! Can I be the Ogryn with the Skull mask and the circular Saw!

    Obviously, I realize my name is entirely inappropriate for the awesome theme you have going, but you can transmogrify it into something cool maybe?

  2. Maybe we can just turn "Counter" into an establish M41 name, like Kantor. Perhaps "Kantor Fett", "Fett Kantor" or something similar?

  3. These are turning out really well! I like the idea and I love how they're progressing, can't wait to see more ;)

  4. Tramplemaster? I love the sound of that! Nice work so far, can't wait to see more...

  5. Quite a bit of variety for the first batch of new recruits, I'm excited to see what type of color palette you choose for the army. I think it will be a lot of fun to follow the exploits of our Scythiak selves, thanks for including us in the Usurpation.

  6. This is cool, thinking of starting my own Imp Guard Rebels just from this. Get to use a lot of Chaos bitz and such.

  7. Thanks all.

    @CounterFett - by all means! The more traitors/rebels/etc. there are out there, the better. It is really fun to mix kits and ranges.

    Maybe we can make some sort of Lost and the Damned themed blogroll or webring, hmm...

  8. I'd like to see one named Not Brent. Maybe then he'll stop plaguing me.


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